Holiday Shrug

With just a few quiet hours to myself, I headed to the sewing room and look what I whipped up, my very own Slinky Shrug. This has to be one of the fastest, easiest projects that I’ve worked with in a long time. I used my serger (if you have one, I highly recommend using it with this particular project) for the entire shrug so it went together in a snap.
Initially, I was worried that the baby rib fabric wouldn’t look right with the glitter knit that I used, but I think, now that it’s together, it works well – it seems to break up some of the glitz going on. I believe this is going to make an absolutely fabulous holiday shrug. Too bad I’ve already done all my Christmas shopping, otherwise, everyone one my gift giving list would be getting shrugs – this project is too easy and fun to make!

6 thoughts on “Holiday Shrug

  1. Mary

    I heart the shrug too…I downloaded it and have it all taped together…maybe this week…you have inspired me!!!

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