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I Need More Tape

I used to think cutting patterns was awful, then I remembered taping together printed patterns is much worse. At least I managed to get, not one, but two of them together!

First I stared with the Squared Draped T-Shirt…. and wound up having to reprint everything. Why? I forgot to adjust the printer so that it wouldn’t ‘fit to scale’. At least I caught it before I put most of it together. The only thing that I can’t figure out is what size to cut. I don’t see sizing (finished or otherwise) listed in the instructions, although it may be incorporated in the video. I think I’m going to wind up flat pattern measuring the pieces before I cut, just in case.
While I was at it, I went ahead and printed off Hot Pattern’s Slinky Shrug (found at I have a piece of black, metallic flecked jersey in my stash that I think would work perfectly with this style – not to mention the fact it it will make a fabulous holiday jacket. If you’re thinking of making this up for yourself, especially if you haven’t worked with a downloaded pattern before, be sure to read through this Sewing Diva’s post – chock full of tips and tricks. Don’ think you can make this pattern because you don’t have matching ribbing? The Divas have solved this problem too!

Christmas Decor

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care….” Of course, that only lasted about 10 minutes at our house since Easton is just tall enough to reach them to pull them down.
I believe that I have finally caught up with most of the Christmas decorating and housecleaning which means…. I finally have time to sew. Tonight begins the process of taping downloaded pattern(s) together, cutting them out, and, if I’m lucky, cutting out material. I’d love to get a few things whipped up for myself before I attempt to do some last minute gift sewing (I have in my mind that I would like to make a few things for the kids).
I’m also going to take in a bit of cyber shopping this afternoon – I believe Santa will be delivering me a Speedball Screen Printing Deluxe Kit and very possibly some interfacing (Pam is having a HUGE sale that I can’t resist).

Sew Along Update

Did you recently sew up a pair of pajamas for our Sew Along, but forgot to upload a picture (I certainly know I have)? Well, you still have a chance to win a copy of One-Yard Wonders
and some yummy fabric! Just enter your pictures by Wednesday at midnight for your chance for the big draw.

Giant Candy

I spent the entire day, yesterday, cleaning – prepping the house for holiday decorating. Then, this morning, headed out to ‘toddler proof’ our tree…. this year, we’ll be using plastic ornaments. It was that or just scrap Christmas and go with a Festivus pole. Even though I workrd all day, I thought I might have enough energy last night to tape together my next sewing pattern, but once I sat down, I couldn’t get back up. Fortunately, I had already headed out to Hobby Lobby and picked up a few ‘silk screening’ supplies (I use the term loosely because I think it’s really more like shirt stenciling using a squeegee),
The only other eventful news is that we are now proud owners of a GIANT Hershey bar. I won this 5lb. brick of chocolaty goodness after entering a drawing at our local grocery store. I may just have to send it with Taylor when she goes to the next big gathering – that’s just too much temptation for us!


I would love to say that I have nothing but a weekend of sewing planned. Unfortunately, my ‘to do’ (cleaning house, laundry, grocery shopping, Christmas shopping, putting out the decorations, etc.) list has grown to the point I need to tackle at least a portion of it. One of the first orders of business? Tackling the sewing room.
I’ve let my sewing room go for some time. I’ve been using my cutting table as a catch all for fabrics and scraps, patterns, book, magazines, WIPs and UFOs, project notes, etc. In fact, it’s gotten so bad, I can’t find things any more. So I spent the morning cleaning. You can see how part of my room looked (the cutting table was the worst offender) on the left, vs how it ended on the right. The only pile left are the books I’d eventually like to write reviews for.

Now onto the rest of the house!

Easy Screenprinting?

The other day, I had the rare opportunity of browsing Hobby Lobby by myself. While I came home empty handed, I almost gave into temptation. While I can’t really justify the purchase of a YUDU right now (with the cost of the machine, inks, emulsion remover, shirts, etc will I ever screen print materials to make it pay off?), I think I may have found a good alternative – Plaid’s Simply Screen. Along with inks, glitters, and foil sheets they have a number of pre-made, adhesive screens. While this severely restricts your design options (the YUDU allows you to make your own), I think it can give me a taste of what screen printing is like (and possibly help me to figure out a way to make my own).
I think that this is a fairly new product since I haven’t been able to find any product reviews on it. Does anyone have any experience with Simply Screen materials?

Linky Thursday

Every day through the month of December, BurdaStyle will be giving away a fabulous prize! Just answer the question of the day (posted on their blog) for your chance to win!
Keep yourself cozy this winter, make yourself an easy origami wrap sweater.
Thinking about making an eye catching quilt? Enter to win the new book Shifting Perspectives and you’ll have plenty of patterns to choose from!
Sew a Barbie sized Snuggie!
U-handbag is having their annual holiday giveaway – this year’s prize a Janome sewing machine!
Decorate your tree this year with fun felt toadstools.
Have some laminated fabric lying around? Use up those small scraps with this cute little Handbag Pouch.
Recycle magazines in to colorful holiday gift bows.
Still don’t have One Yard Wonders? Here’s your chance to win one of 3 copies. Hurry the deadline for this is tomorrow evening!
I’m fairly convinced that the Cloche style hat would look absolutely horrible on me, but I still like the style. Learn how to sew one up here. By the way, Weekend Designer is coming back…. YAY!
Love Klutz books? Play Craftsters & Klutz’s scavenger hunt and you could be entered to win a $150 gift certificate!

Two New Sets

With the holidays disrupting my sewing, it took much longer to complete Easton’s pajama sets than what I anticipated. But I’m pleased to say….. they’re done!!!

As usual with Kwik Sew patterns, the sizing is spot on. The only change that I might make for future sets is to as a bit of length to the shirt – Easton seems to be a bit long waisted and this might help to keep his shirt from riding up so far.
I’m debating on what to make next – I’m seriously thinking about the Square Draped T-Shirt.

Sneak Peek

I was a bit giddy while surfing around the internet last night because I stumbled across the cover for the premiere issue of Sew It All. This is a special publication from the creators of Sew News magazine that hits newsstands at the end of this month plus it has two of my projects inside! I’m anxious to see them in print as I totally fell in love with the way they both turned out – in fact I wish I didn’t have to turn one of them over, I would have loved to have kept it for myself (you know I have a bag obsession, right? OOOOPs, I gave a hint.).