Saved Shirt

After putting aside my Lucy shirt for a day, I decided to revisit it to see if it could be saved. The first thing I noticed is that the upper portion of the shirt suddenly fit….. yes, it helps to wear the shirt the ‘correct’ way – with the front in the front and not backwards. This, of course, didn’t fix the problem with the tight arms. The only solution I saw was to shorten the sleeve….. and it worked! I am thrilled I saved this shirt!

The photo on the left is how the shirt started and the one on the right is the completed look.

6 thoughts on “Saved Shirt

  1. Anonymous

    sooooooo cute! sometimes all it takes is a little time out to make things right! Good save, girl! 😉

  2. suzanne

    sorry…that last comment was me!…..just saw the facebook post about the holiday bread…..that stuff sounds sooooo gooooood!

  3. Mary

    Good save! I did the same thing the other day…it was like “what is wrong with this shirt?” Duh! Guess I need to put a tag in my shirts! 🙂

  4. Aimey

    I just wanted to send a quick thank you for the box bag tutorial. I had the chance to sew a few (5) up this afternoon and I love them! I want to make one for everyone I know! They are going to be fantastic Christmas gifts.

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