Christmas Stocking

It came, it came, it came! My Christmas Stocking swap package arrived in the mail! Check out all the fun goodies inside!

Not only was there an adorable stocking (in some of my favorite colors), but some of the most amazing goodies from my Wist and questionnaire! In fact there was just about something for everyone! It’s hard to see from the photo, but included in my package was a name plaque that she painted for Taylor (Taylor was amazed at her painting skills, there are some very intricate designs around her name that don’t show up on the photo), a sign for Bret (that reads “a fisherman lives here with the catch of his life”), an apron with the most adorable coffee print, a mug cozy and hand painted mug that reads “French Roast and Hazelnut” (she knows my love of coffee and my favorite flavors!), a fabulous Jack Skellington (from a Nightmare Before Christmas) ornament, a planner to keep myself organized next year, some pretty pink velvet ribbon, and Wonder Woman ribbon (I’m saving this for just the right project)!
However, two of my absolute favorites deserve photos of their own:

A Zero (also from the Nightmare Before Christmas) stuffie! She said this was her first attempt at making a stuffie and I have a hard time believing it – she did an amazing job on this one!

The most amazingly knitted intarsia scarf – The Dark Illusion. The photo really doesn’t do this scarf justice because it is totally fabulous and is very cool to see in person. I’ve been wanting this particular scarf for 2 years and am so excited that someone could make it for me – now I’ll just be fighting over it with Taylor. I wonder when it’s going to snow again so I can wear it?
Thank you once again to my wonderful partner! We absolutely love all of our presents!!

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  1. Katrina

    Great gifts!!! Does your partner have a blog? Curious to see any painting projects she may have. I so want to start painting on wood, Names, designs, etc… combined with fabrics/ ribbons.

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