Cold Weather Sewing

What does Lucille Ball, Quilting Treasures, and Kwik Sew 2489 have in common? They’re going to become my new set of pajamas. I finally settled on a pattern – I picked this one mainly because it uses a yard of fabric and I trust that Kwik Sew will give a good fit . I’ve seen several sleeping boxer patterns in several books that I’ve recently purchased (One-Yard Wonders and Sweet Nothings both have something similar styles), but I since I haven’t tried anything from either, I wasn’t sure how the sizing ran and I wanted to avoid having to either ‘make a muslin’ or ruining the fabric that I currently have. I’ll be putting all the information up on the sidebar soon. You can find all the pattern information on the sidebar.
Since today is rainy and cold, it looks as if I’ll stay inside, trace off some patterns, and sew. Oh yes, and cook some Corn and Crab Bisque for dinner. YUM.

One thought on “Cold Weather Sewing

  1. Leesa Miller

    I may have to take part on the jammies sewalong. Since my kids were little I have always got them PJs to give them on Christmas Eve so they have a nice new pair on for Christmas morning. Sometimes I have made them sometimes just bought them. This year is probably the last year for giving my youngest PJs for Christmas so maybe I will make her a pair and I should make myself a pair too.
    That corn crab bisque sounds delish I want to come to your house for dinner.

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