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Oh, Lucy!

All I can say is, I LOVE these boxers! They have a comfortable fit, went together quickly, and best of all, they’re Lucy! I can definitely see using this pattern again – the only change I would make is how I attached the elastic, otherwise, it’s perfect. Now onto the shirt….. I’m thinking Jalie 2805.

Cold Weather Sewing

What does Lucille Ball, Quilting Treasures, and Kwik Sew 2489 have in common? They’re going to become my new set of pajamas. I finally settled on a pattern – I picked this one mainly because it uses a yard of fabric and I trust that Kwik Sew will give a good fit . I’ve seen several sleeping boxer patterns in several books that I’ve recently purchased (One-Yard Wonders and Sweet Nothings both have something similar styles), but I since I haven’t tried anything from either, I wasn’t sure how the sizing ran and I wanted to avoid having to either ‘make a muslin’ or ruining the fabric that I currently have. I’ll be putting all the information up on the sidebar soon. You can find all the pattern information on the sidebar.
Since today is rainy and cold, it looks as if I’ll stay inside, trace off some patterns, and sew. Oh yes, and cook some Corn and Crab Bisque for dinner. YUM.

Sexy Jammies

HotPatterns released their latest collection of patterns yesterday, Boudoir of Bliss – not only does it tie into our current pajama sew along, but they are darn sexy too! Hands down, my favorite of the bunch are the Bel-Air Lounging Pyjamas (I can totally see myself wearing these opening up packages Christmas morning). I stuck that pattern into my cart along with the Trousseau Nightgown & Robe (because who doesn’t want to feel like a 1930’s Hollywood starlet?). For those that are interested, HotPatterns has posted a new video discussing this latest line.
With these pattern’s arrival (coming soon), I think my sewing calendar is going to be full until the new year….. sheesh, I can’t believe I’m already talking about 2010!


It’s Friday already? This week has really gotten away from me – between days off of school, Easton’s first play group, and driving around to a variety of after school activities, I hadn’t realized that it’s almost the weekend. I had hoped to work on several Supply Cases for an upcoming class that I’ll be teaching, but all I’ve accomplished in that department is deciding what fabrics I’ll be using. Apparently it was a tougher decision than what I expected because it took me several hours to figure that out before deciding on Portabellopixie’s Farmer’s Market fabrics. My first step is to make some binding – something that should be whipped up fairly quickly now that I have the Rotary Cutting machine!
Besides the cases, I’m hoping to at least trace off some pajama patterns and check out the instructions for the Pyramid Bag – I must sew this up soon. I’d love to chuck the diaper bag and just tote around a larger purse with ‘necessities’ (a diaper and some wipes, maybe a snack) and this tote seems to fit the bill. Anyone else sewing this one up right now?

Linky Thursday

Hawthorne Threads is having a fabulous giveaway – you have until Monday to win a Firenze Bag Kit or a set of Girly Girl fat quarters.
If you’re thinking of making bags for holiday gifts, you may want to slip in a matching mini wallet. I’m thinking I may give this one a try after I sew up the Pyramid Bag. [link via Grosgrain]
iPod truly has an app for everything and now you can win a sewing related one for your phone. Just leave a comment in this thread for a shot at the Quick & Easy Block Tool app.
Need a new apron for the holiday season? How about joining the Flirty Apron Swap?
Refashioning a man’s hoodie into a collared sweatshirt. [link via Craft]
Turn a pair of shirt sleeves into a pair of toddler pants.
Sweet (and simple) holiday pillows to spruce up your couch this winter.
Have a great idea for a trivet, hotpad, or combination of the two? Craft up your idea and submit it to the Anticraft’s latest contest.
With the holidays quickly approaching, no doubt many of you will be traveling to visit friends and family. So why not travel in style and make yourself a set of fabric luggage tags?
The name Moop reminds me of the “Bubble Boy” Seinfeld episode, but in all actuality, it’s the name of a company that makes some absolutely adorable bags. Here’s how you can win one for yourself.

Wreath Wrangler

When I was in high school, I had a horrible geometry teacher – I basically had to teach myself a lot of the concepts. Consequently, I wound up really disliking this aspect of math and thought to myself, “I’ll never use this again (unless I’m going to build my own fence or deck)”. Recently, I ate my words and I’m going to admit, I had fun doing the math.
What am I talking about? If you peek into the pages of the December/January issue of Sew News, you’ll see a little article titled “Wreath Wrangler” – a tutorial that I wrote which required a lot of math/geometry pre-planning (I also proud to report that all my calculations were correct the first time around). This project uses both fabric and clear vinyl, piping, handles in self fabric, and a 60″ zipper (I suggest buying one of those create your own zipper rolls) to make a 30″ diameter storage bag. However, there are instructions included for making a smaller wreath holder if yours is around 25″. If you have the opportunity to check it out, be sure to stop by and let me know what you think!

A Third Eye

Sometimes there’s just no sewing going on in my craft room…… not that we’re not in it. As you can see Easton seems to like to dig through my drawers (he’s playing with ‘googly eyes’ and I managed to get one to stick to his head in this photo).
While Easton stored through the eyes, I started getting ready to trace off a pajama pattern for him – only to discover that the set in the latest Ottobre is too big for him. I think I may go ahead and trace it off and compare them to his RTW styles to see how much I need to alter it. DRAT, and I was hoping for an easy sew on this one.

A New Pair

My favorite pair of pajamas finally met their demise last month – I finally discovered a very large (alright two) worn out holes in the seat of the pants. I reluctantly got rid of them – they were comfortable, in a cute print, had pockets, and some days, I lived in them. With them gone, I needed a replacement pair…. which is how the Happy Hippie came into being. I found this material on the ‘discount’ table of Hancock Fabrics and fell in love. Armed with McCall 3019 and a few hours, I came up with the pants on the right (the shirt was purchased, but matched amazingly well).
I’m adding this pair to the Sew Along group photos. Don’t forget to add yours – you’ll have a chance to win some yummy fabric and a copy of One Yard Wonders! But hurry, the deadline for the Pajama Sew Along ends this month!

New Stash

It’s amazing how a trip to find 1/4 yard or coordinating fabric can turn into a much larger purchase.

Originally, I set out to find some ribbing that matched a camo print I had purchased awhile ago (I plan on making either a shirt andor pajama set for Easton). After checking Joann’s and Hancock Fabric and coming up empty handed, I decided to check Needle Nook. Instead of coming home with just the ribbing I also bought a bicycle print cotton knit (it reminds me of Heather Ross’ bike print from a few years ago), a sport themed material with a matching stripe (they are destined to become pajamas), and several solid fabrics that will be used as ribbing.

I had also ventured out to Sew Much this week – for the sole purposed of picking up the Classix Nouveau Pyramid Bag, but couldn’t resist this cute truck print (destined to become the Bedtime Story pajamas – I wasn’t kidding when I said I was on a pj making binge!) and the brown, ITY jersey swirl that both Taylor and I adored the last time we were in the store.
Now, I had better get to sewing – my pajama, shirt, and bag making list is growing!!!!