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Back After The Vacay

I hope everyone had a wonderful long week! I must say that it’s wonderful to be back to our ‘normal’ routine around here – although, I’m still feeling a bit sleep deprived after all day cooking, Black Friday shopping (yes, I was crazy and went shopping early in the morning, although, surprisingly, fabric shopping wasn’t one of them!), and an out of town trip for the weekend! Consequently, I haven’t made much of a dent into my sewing pile, but I did manage to work on Easton’s pajamas:

I almost have two tops finished. I had to re-cut the sleeves and neck, arm, and leg bands because the fabric just didn’t seem to have enough stretch – I’m not sure I could have gotten his head through the top of the shirt, let alone his arms and feet! Fortunately, I had another red in my stash, but I don’t like the color as much (it’s more of a bright cherry red instead of a dull dark red like the pants) so the sleeves no long have a contrast to them. I thought these might be the cutest of the bunch, but I’m not as thrilled with how they’re looking at the moment.
Hopefully, I’ll be able to spend some time with my sewing machine tonight – after several days away from it, I’m missing it! What did everyone else do over the holiday?

Happy Thanksgiving

To everyone that’s celebrating today, I want to wish you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Today I’ll be spending much of my time in the kitchen, visiting with family, and going to bed early so I can hit the stores early for some Black Friday shopping. I’m also going to be taking a bit of a blogging vacation – I’ll be back on Monday ready to share my loot, a few finished projects (let’s hope), and of course fun and fabulous holiday links. Take care, enjoy your time with friends and family, eat hardily, and I’ll see you soon.

Let The Cooking Begin

I think it’s pretty safe to say that no sewing will be taking place over the next two days as I will be spending much of it in the kitchen preparing for our Thanksgiving feast! On the menu: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy (for the last several years I have been using William-Sonoma’s Turkey Gravy Base which is not only easy, but it tastes fantastic too), shrimp cocktail, green bean casserole (because Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without it), yeast rolls, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin pie. My mouth is already watering just thinking about it all – I can honestly say, we’ve all be waiting for this menu for about a month now!
I’d love to know what everyone else is cooking up. Any special dishes you love to make?

An Afternoon Of Cutting

I spent a chunk of an afternoon, just tracing and cutting material for Kwik Sew 3510 – I plan on sewing these jammies up over the Thanksgiving break…. from what I can tell, these should sew up fairly quickly. Look for information on this project to go up on the sidebar very soon.
If all goes well, I’ll trace off the Pyramid Bag later this week – my only dilemma…. what fabric to use for the interior?

Patchwork Wool Scarf

Feeling the chill in the air? Needing something to keep you snuggly warm while out Black Friday shopping? Then be sure to check out my latest tutorial up at The Sewing Republic – the Wool Scarf. This one recycles wool sweaters to create a patchwork muffler. Don’t have any sweaters to felt? Have no fear, there are numerous sellers online that have coordinated felted scraps for sale – perfect for this project! Have fun and stay warm!

Saved Shirt

After putting aside my Lucy shirt for a day, I decided to revisit it to see if it could be saved. The first thing I noticed is that the upper portion of the shirt suddenly fit….. yes, it helps to wear the shirt the ‘correct’ way – with the front in the front and not backwards. This, of course, didn’t fix the problem with the tight arms. The only solution I saw was to shorten the sleeve….. and it worked! I am thrilled I saved this shirt!

The photo on the left is how the shirt started and the one on the right is the completed look.

Disappointment x3

I know that one drawback to buying something, sight unseen, means that you sometimes don’t get exactly what you think you are. This causes much disappointment. This seems to be the ‘theme’ of my entire weekend sewing…. disappointment.
First, let’s talk about the Lucy shirt. I decided on using Jalie 2805 for the top – which is a great tried and true pattern. However, the fabric caused me a lot of grief. First off there’s just not enough stretch – even though this is a knit, it’s one of those that have to just barely qualify as one. Consequently, I chose to go up a pattern size. Secondly,I had only purchased a yard – enough for a short sleeved version, yet not enough for long sleeves. Somehow, with very careful pattern placement, I managed to eek in a 3/4 sleeve in. Now the top is just about finished and from the initial fitting, I can tell it’s just too tight. I’m not sure if I want to finish the hems or just scrap the top. What a disappointment.
Disappointment #2 happened when my new Cotton Time arrived in the mail. The purpose behind me buying this one is for the cute ballet slipper pattern that I thought appeared in this issue. Come to find out, it’s an ad for ricco-ricco fabric (at least that’s what it appears to me, does anyone know if they happen to have a website?). There is a slipper pattern included in this magazine, but it’s for a scuffspa design and you have to hand sew on the sole (which is want I wanted to avoid in the first place). So now I’m back to square one…. I think I’m going to just have to come up with something on my own.
Lastly (let’s hope this is the last disappointment of the weekend), there’s the Ottobre jammies I was planning on making. I knew that they were going to be a bit on the large size (I thought just a few alterations would be necessary), but I finally got around to comparing them to Easton’s current sleepwear and they are HUGE! Since I already had purchased the material, etc. I went online to find something similar and have decided on Kwik Sew 3510 – designed for toddlers. On the bright side, at least I found a good substitute!

Christmas Stocking

It came, it came, it came! My Christmas Stocking swap package arrived in the mail! Check out all the fun goodies inside!

Not only was there an adorable stocking (in some of my favorite colors), but some of the most amazing goodies from my Wist and questionnaire! In fact there was just about something for everyone! It’s hard to see from the photo, but included in my package was a name plaque that she painted for Taylor (Taylor was amazed at her painting skills, there are some very intricate designs around her name that don’t show up on the photo), a sign for Bret (that reads “a fisherman lives here with the catch of his life”), an apron with the most adorable coffee print, a mug cozy and hand painted mug that reads “French Roast and Hazelnut” (she knows my love of coffee and my favorite flavors!), a fabulous Jack Skellington (from a Nightmare Before Christmas) ornament, a planner to keep myself organized next year, some pretty pink velvet ribbon, and Wonder Woman ribbon (I’m saving this for just the right project)!
However, two of my absolute favorites deserve photos of their own:

A Zero (also from the Nightmare Before Christmas) stuffie! She said this was her first attempt at making a stuffie and I have a hard time believing it – she did an amazing job on this one!

The most amazingly knitted intarsia scarf – The Dark Illusion. The photo really doesn’t do this scarf justice because it is totally fabulous and is very cool to see in person. I’ve been wanting this particular scarf for 2 years and am so excited that someone could make it for me – now I’ll just be fighting over it with Taylor. I wonder when it’s going to snow again so I can wear it?
Thank you once again to my wonderful partner! We absolutely love all of our presents!!

Linky Thursday

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In Search Of…..

Ever since I made the Guest Room Slippers from Weekend Sewing, I’ve been on a mission to find a good pair of sewn ballet style flats. Mostly what I’ve found are crochet, felted, or knitted versions until the other day…… that’s when I saw the latest copy of Cotton Time magazine. It appears that they have some that are not only for adults, but kids too! Consequently, after much debate with myself, I picked up a copy from Superbuzzy…. and it’s on it’s way already! While I’m at it, I might find some inspiration for holiday gifts – I need ideas for some of my friend’s children (boys and girls, 5-16)!