Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Here’s Easton’s glam rock costume he’ll be out trick-or-treating in tonight – I’m sure that he’ll be ecstatic once he learns that he gets CANDY in his bucket. Taylor has a party to wear hers to and of course, I couldn’t resist getting something to wear myself.

8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Emilie

    Henri’s dressed up as “Easton’s Canadian Twin – 2000 miles away from Kansas” for his little party at daycare yesterday!
    Please forgive me 🙂 I was out of time and inspiration and since they really look alike, I knew that if Easton looked good in it, so would Henri 🙂
    (They even have the same “defense” t-shirt and “Captain” jacket!!! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the photo!)
    Now, back to making the official “outdoors costume”… Happy Halloween!

  2. Katrina

    Great costume! And your daughter’s turned out great too. Very unique I think! I am soooo over Halloween. I got my 2 costumes made for my daughters ( I bought my son’s costumes) but I lost lots of sleep in the process this past week! So I’m so happy it’s over but Christmas is right around the corner and I have lots to do. Hopefully I can stick with the plan and ACTUALLY start early this time.

  3. MichelleB

    All of the costumes are great! You did a fabulous job on Taylors – and Eastons – and, of course, you look pretty fab too! Hope you had fun.
    Your money bag is great, too.

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