Linky Thurdsay

Everyone loves pinwheels, so why now make a few of these spooky spinners this Halloween for your little ghoul or goblin? If you prefer the fabric kind (they don’t move, but look really cute) try out this version from Portabellopixie.
When I first saw this knitting pattern for a tooth on Craft, I thought it was a set of vampire fangs (after all it had red eyes), that is until I read further and realized – it’s a tooth fairy pillow! I’m a sucker for a cute tooth fairy pillow – I guess we have a few years still until we need another one, though.
A good reason to make cupcakes – make your own wrappers for the occasion! I really wish Taylor still had holiday parties, I’d definitely try this one out!
Even if you don’t like wearing funky Halloween socks, you’ll want to pick up at least one pair to make Heather Bailey’s Betty Boo sock bat.
Little Quilt Company is giving away 3 sets of six patterns! You can read all the entry details here.
Have a knitter in your life, but don’t know what to sew them up for Christmas? Here’s a few fantastic ideas!
Sometimes dressing up isn’t just for Halloween. Make your little make-believer their own crown so they can rule the kingdom!
While at parentteacher confrences this week, I saw some paintings similar to Posie Gets Cozy’s – now I really want to try this technique.
These cupcakes look good enough to eat – learn how to make these delicious soaps for yourself.
I suppose I must really be hungry while writing this post because I’ve noted a ‘food theme’ here this morning, but actually this meat hand was just too gross not to point out. I may have actually lost my appetite now.

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  1. Amy M in Indiana

    Love that meat hand!! I saw it a few days ago while perusing the internet! We had it for supper tonight –I didn’t have a form, but just winged it based on the picture! It was so ugly –I loved it!!

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