Put Together

With all the pieces of Taylor’s costume (relatively) complete, we decided to see how it all looked put together and how well it fits. Here’s the result:

I realized that I still need to make the ‘choker’ to this costume, but from the looks of the instructions it should be pretty easy to put together. Although, I’m not sure if Taylor will wear it – I’m thinking she’ll say it’s scratchy (it’s the flat lace gathered together and embellished). Hopefully, I’ll find the time to add the trim to the coat, make the choker, and take some nice photos in time to enter it in Pattern Review’s costume contest! How’s everyone else’s costume coming together?

9 thoughts on “Put Together

  1. MelissaB

    That is awesome!!! I’m totally not a big Halloween person so I always struggle getting their costumes together. The same is true this year…

  2. bernadette

    Very, very cool look! Taylor looks so great. Good job on the fitting and the matching socks! The choker, and maybe a spike-y black head deco ?, will make it even more perfect. Hope it wins a prize!

  3. suzanne

    Good job! Caaaaaute 🙂 Make the choker out of satin….and add a little something to it. The satin won’t be so scratchy!

  4. Karen marble

    Wow! It turned out great! If that doesn’t win a prize, I would be very disappointed. Too. Cute.

  5. Christy S

    What a great costume! I can’t wait to see it with shoes! I’m still waiting for pictures of Julien in her costume so I can do my review for the contest. I may have to complete my entry sans model, grrr. I got the fabric yesterday! It is such a pretty color — thanks so much. Now to decide which pattern I’m going to use!!

  6. Amy

    I know this is a year later and you don’t know me, but I was googling this costume pattern and it brought up your website. I’m interested in making this particular mad hatter costume but not sure how much of an undertaking it would be. I know how to sew and use a sewing machine and whatnot, but rarely do it. Do you think it would be too much for somebody that wouldn’t necessarily call themselves a seamstress? Thanks for any advice in advance!

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