Harajuku Jacket, Part 1

Since things are slowly returning to normal around the house, I’ve been able to spend some time working on Taylor’s Halloween costume. So far, this is the state of the jacket – it’s looking a bit more ‘goth’ than ‘gothic Lolita’, but I think that’s mostly due to the Alexander Henry Bandanna Skull fabric for the lining (although I think it still looks very cool). Today I hope to add the sleeves and call this part of the project finished!
In the mean time, the last part of her costume came in – a set of over the knee (which will probably be more like thigh high) socks from Sock Dreams. I had scouted out stores all over town to find a set that might match her costume’s colors but didn’t have any luck, so I turned to my favorite internet sock store (yes, I have one, I secretly love fun socks). Of course, I had to pick up a little something for myself…. what can I say, I was feeling the holiday spirit.

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