Un-sickly Linky Friday

Someone at The Sewing Republic must be spying on us at dinner time because their latest project, the Crumb Catcher, is a perfect little project for sticking under Easton’s high chair.
Need some last minute Halloween costume ideas? YCMT shows you how and gives you the free patterns to make them!
Hot Patterns asked what video tutorial you’d like to see next and they responded – the winner? Classix Nouveau Uptown/Downtown Knit Dress.
If you’re like me, you need need more sewingcrafting magazines to read. Skip the print and go virtual, here’s the latest La Viva Moda chock full of fall fashion and trends for those who are devoted to handmade goods. [link via Starving Crafters]
Love Japanese fabric, but can’t stand the price? This and That from Japan is celebrating their one year anniversayr and to celebrate, they’re discounting fabric and stamps up to 20%. I think it’s time to buy Taylor some Hello Kitty…. (thanks to Judi for the link).
There’s a new sewing community out in the web, We All Sew, check it out to find links to tutorials, projects, cool sewing blogs, and sewing volunteer opportunities!
A good reason not to smile this Halloween – be a Mona Lisa portrait! [link via Geek Crafts]
Pam from Off the Cuff recently wrote an article that appeared on the cover of ASG’s newsletter. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, you can download it here for free.
Shhhh, there’s a monster that lives in their bathroom. Wait, it’s only a step stool (and an adorable one at that!).
Seeing that I’m already in the Christmas mood because of my current Stocking Swap sewing, why not start pointing out great items to sew up for the holidays? This little stocking would look cute on a hearth room mantel, although from a distance it does look a bit potholder-ish.
If I decided to go as Tron for Halloween, I’d definitely make these LED eyelashes. However, seeing that Bret is much taller than me, I think that this Headless Bride costume might work better.
A new Sew Forth Podcast is up!