Lots of Lace

How do you know you’ve purchased a lot of trim for a project? The store offers to wind your notions back onto the spool it came on:

The one thing about Taylor’s Halloween costume is that it’s a ‘trim hog’ – lots of flat and gathered lace as well as scroll braids, etc. This pattern has a lot of mixing and matching going on (with various widths and sizes) that neither of us liked, so we just combined all the styles so that everything looked cohesive. Consequently, we have yards and yards and yards of lace – lets hope I use most of what I purchased!
So how is the costume coming? Most of the costume is in various stages of construction – Taylor needs to try parts of it on so I can see how it’s fitting, adjust elastic, set the straps, etc. before I can say something is completely ‘finished’. My goal is to have at least the dress completed today.
Anyone else working on costumes? What are you making and how’s it coming along – I’d love to hear what everyone else is up to!

4 thoughts on “Lots of Lace

  1. Leesa

    My daughter is a college student who likes wear a costume for Halloween. They still go trick or treating too. She is Sandy from Grease. I made her a black knit off the shoulder top and a belt today. She found some stretch pants for $4.00 and got some red heels. And we found a Sandy wig at a Halloween store. She is still looking for a cheap leather or pleather jacket but that is not absolutly nessesary.

  2. Sarah

    Heh. Haven’t started yet 😛 I’m finishing up swap items, then a bday gift for my sister and then, THEN I can start dd’s costume! Gasp…faint.
    She decided on Odette from Swan Lake this year. We’ve gotten most of the fabric. I think. I hope. Crossing the fingers I can start next weekend!

  3. Karen Marble

    I am almost done with my costume. Bride of Frankenstein! Just have two more clear plastic snaps to hand sew on, and then the hem! Then I have to finish making my husbands mad scientist goggles so he can be Dr. Frank, and that’s it! I think. I could think of a million more details to add, but don’t have time to do it… I’ll send pics when I’m done!

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