Harajuku Vest

Sometimes what seems to be the easiest part of a project turns out to need the most ‘tweaking’. Apparently, with Taylor’s costume, it’s the vest.

After sewing the front and side pieces together, it was evident that the bust was designed for someone who, well, wasn’t 12. Fortunately the only alteration I needed to make was to take in the seam a hair more (approximately 1/4″ on each side) – if I would have thought about it, I would have taken pictures so you could see the before and after shots. Let’s just say that the after is very form fitting and much flattering – even Taylor commented on how much better it looked.
After construction came the embellishing. I didn’t really follow the directions in this area – I machine gathered the lace and stitched it to the vest by machine (I figured the braid would cover up the stitches anyway). Instead of gluing down the braid, I hand stitched. Yes, I know, as much as I hate hand stitching I didn’t see any other way around it – glue is messy, would leak through the braid, and would take hours to dry, but the results – fantastic!

Afterward, I stared adding the buttons. Originally, I had decided to use some stashed military style buttons, but after laying them on the vest, I thought it looked horrible. I tried several other styles and colors and finally decided on a satin covered, light blackalmost gray. It makes the whole vest very dark, but I think I like the overall result. Let’s hope that the jacket looks better with the military buttons – I’d hate to have to go out and buy some!

3 thoughts on “Harajuku Vest

  1. suzanne

    Stacy…I like the “goth” look of this….perfect mix of pretty with macabre! The grey buttons are fab!..not sure I would have liked the gold military buttons here either…this is so much more subtle.
    Overall this looks great….can’t wait to see more!

  2. bernadette

    Goth Lolita! Very fun. The vest is great-looking.
    I spent the weekend attending an exhibit and symposium of contemporary Japanese high fashion that also included one talk on the “street fashion” of the teens. Mind boggling, really. Each “cult” has its own look and rules of what works. I have to say that the goth lolita look is certainly the best of the lot. LOL

  3. suzanne

    Stacy…I saw the tutorial on the silverware holder that you “liked” on facebook from Sandra and Ryan (I think I have the names correct) Maybe I’ve got cabin fever from staying home with a sick 7 year old for the past week and a half, but did you notice how the two of them keep ribbing each other….sort of passive aggressive comments about the other person’s sewing? She says something about him not being able to sew a straight line and he says something about her circles being sloppily cut and iron marks on the lame’ fabric….I started laughing so hard watching them!….maybe it’s not funny…but for some reason I think they don’t like each other (ROFL like crazy!!!!) Watch it and see if you notice….it’s a great idea one way or the other!

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