Shirt To Bag

There’s a new project up at The Sewing Republic… and it’s mine! This tutorial for transforming a shirt into a backpack is probably one of my favorites, not just because it’s a great way to recycle a t-shirt, but because it’s fun and easy to make. In fact, since making the original, I’ve made a few more. This one was requested by Taylor, she’s been using it for toting around her clothes for practice:

The only difference between this version and the original T-Shirt Drawstring Bag is the shirt size. The original was an adult t-shirt which gave me plenty to work with, however, this one was a child’s XL – which meant that I had to slightly scale back the dimensions of this bag. I figure I’ll make an even smaller version when Easton is ready to start carrying around his own ‘supplies’ (i.e. toys) over to grandmas!

5 thoughts on “Shirt To Bag

  1. Jessi

    Stacy, this is perfect! My husband has been using my bag (like this) and I wanted to make him his own, and now I can. Thanks so much!

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