Shame, Shame, Shame

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. However, in this case, the photo doesn’t do the mess justice. Seriously, I’m losing things on my sewing work table. On it, I’ve piled up new fabrics, books, magazines, patterns, completed projects, WIPs (Works In Progress), supplies, and yes my unfinished Field Bag. Yesterday marked the end of our sew along and I am ashamed to admit, even I didn’t finish this one. I had intended this one to be a new ‘beach’ tote, but once we stopped going to the pool, I just sort of lost interest. I have vowed that before I start another bag, I’m going to finish this one. Today, however, is devoted to cleaning this desk off. I can’t even rotary cut fabric because my cutting mat is buried underneath my piles!

9 thoughts on “Shame, Shame, Shame

  1. sassypriscilla

    Oh Stacy – thank you for sharing. Imagine that mess in your dining room and then you’ll have my home. We only have a two-bedroom house and my husband’s and my bedroom doubles for my business office. Yikes!
    A sewing cleanup is a great way to get inspiration and motivation! I’m sure it doesn’t help having cute little Easton around to distract you.

  2. Sarah

    Had to laugh. It’s funny how quick the sewing, cutting, work tables fill up. I’ll be cleaning mine today too. 🙂

  3. Kirsten D

    are you sure that you didn’t take a picture of my sewing room ! 🙂 Mine doubles as the guest room, and my mother-in-law is coming in two weeks!

  4. Melissa B

    Yes that is a bit of a mess…but we’ve all been there and know how that goes! You’ll enjoy it once you get it back to it’s tidy state. 🙂

  5. Meredith P

    What is it about the horizontal surfaces in the sewing room!? I’m in the middle of a fabric sort/re-fold, so I have two tables and my pressing board covered with fabric, then all the other surfaces (sewing machine area, cutting table) are covered with crap (sewing related of course)! Then there’s the floor…
    Think of the endorphins that will flow when you tidy up that little area. That’s what keeps me going!
    Thanks for posting. It makes ME feel a little better.

  6. Lori

    sadly, this is what my kitchen table looks like because I’m trying to get all of my WIPs done before we move next month. We’re eating dinner at my son’s kids IKEA table. It is sad. I told my husband I’d get it cleaned off by Sunday night, but I also told him that 3 weeks ago. HAHA!

  7. MichelleB

    Did you sneak into my room and take a picture of my cutting table? Seriously – the least you could have done was say hi before you shot a pic and ran.

  8. Christy S

    Hmm. Looks a lot like my sewing area, except mine will be a wreck for a while longer. I am really enjoying doing nothing. I don’t even feel guilty that I didn’t finish my dress for the sew along. (I should feel guilty, I’m not sure why I don’t. Maybe because I know I’ll finish it one day).

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