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Sickness, Day 3

We’re Day 3 into Taylor’s bout with the H1N1 virus and I’m happy to report, she’s doing much better! The fever has finally broke (knock on wood), but she’s still experiencing a horrible sore throat, ‘explosive’ sneezes (Taylor started calling them this yesterday as she said she’s never seen snot fly so far, LOL), a very croupy cough, and pure exhaustion. Hopefully I’ve quarantined her enough that Easton remains symptom free – I believe he’s enjoying the fact that I have to take care of Taylor, he seems to find ways to entertain himself with all the activities he’s ‘not supposed to do’, getting himself his own snacks, and learning new ‘tricks’ (like climbing in and out of his crib).
Hopefully, now that this are starting to quiet down here, I’ll be able to work on Taylor’s Halloween costume some more this evening. In the mean time, here’s a little ‘holiday’ photo from the pumpkin patch. By the way, thank you for all you nice and supportive comments yesterday – I had hoped to send you all back a note yesterday, but time got a way from me. Stay well, hugs, and happy sewing!


Well, it seems as if the inevitable has happened. Illness has struck our house. Taylor woke up yesterday morning sick – fever, body aches, sore throat, stuffyrunny nose, etc. Since we had already taken our seasonal flu shot, the doctor is assuming she has H1N1. We knew it was already confirmed in our county ages ago with several kids in the district with confirmed cases, but since they no longer swab for the virus they are just assuming that’s what she has. Consequently, I’ve been trying to take care of her while ‘quarantining’ her to her room in an effort to keep Easton well (Bret’s out of town again this week).
Besides the fact that our house is full of germs now, it also means I don’t have anything to show today – although after playing nurse, I’m definitely in need of some sewing therapy! Hopefully the rest of us stay well, but if I suddenly stop posting, just assume I’ve got it too and will be back when I’m functioning again! In the mean time, wash you hands frequently and stay well!

Harajuku Vest

Sometimes what seems to be the easiest part of a project turns out to need the most ‘tweaking’. Apparently, with Taylor’s costume, it’s the vest.

After sewing the front and side pieces together, it was evident that the bust was designed for someone who, well, wasn’t 12. Fortunately the only alteration I needed to make was to take in the seam a hair more (approximately 1/4″ on each side) – if I would have thought about it, I would have taken pictures so you could see the before and after shots. Let’s just say that the after is very form fitting and much flattering – even Taylor commented on how much better it looked.
After construction came the embellishing. I didn’t really follow the directions in this area – I machine gathered the lace and stitched it to the vest by machine (I figured the braid would cover up the stitches anyway). Instead of gluing down the braid, I hand stitched. Yes, I know, as much as I hate hand stitching I didn’t see any other way around it – glue is messy, would leak through the braid, and would take hours to dry, but the results – fantastic!

Afterward, I stared adding the buttons. Originally, I had decided to use some stashed military style buttons, but after laying them on the vest, I thought it looked horrible. I tried several other styles and colors and finally decided on a satin covered, light blackalmost gray. It makes the whole vest very dark, but I think I like the overall result. Let’s hope that the jacket looks better with the military buttons – I’d hate to have to go out and buy some!

Lots of Lace

How do you know you’ve purchased a lot of trim for a project? The store offers to wind your notions back onto the spool it came on:

The one thing about Taylor’s Halloween costume is that it’s a ‘trim hog’ – lots of flat and gathered lace as well as scroll braids, etc. This pattern has a lot of mixing and matching going on (with various widths and sizes) that neither of us liked, so we just combined all the styles so that everything looked cohesive. Consequently, we have yards and yards and yards of lace – lets hope I use most of what I purchased!
So how is the costume coming? Most of the costume is in various stages of construction – Taylor needs to try parts of it on so I can see how it’s fitting, adjust elastic, set the straps, etc. before I can say something is completely ‘finished’. My goal is to have at least the dress completed today.
Anyone else working on costumes? What are you making and how’s it coming along – I’d love to hear what everyone else is up to!

Linky Thursday

Hot Patterns and have done it again. They’ve come up with another fabulous free pattern – the Nomad Hobo!
Been looking for a pumpkin applique to add to your holiday decor? C&T Publishing has a free one available for download.
This article gives new meaning to the saying “I won’t eat anything with a face.” – Sculpting with bread. I was fine until I saw the life-like pieces one Thai artist makes.
Create a scarf that reflects your personality and you would win a Singer serger!
Commemorate Michael Jackson by dressing like him this Halloween (by the way, I saw a sequin glove at Target yesterday).
Turn a plaid shirt into a fashionable vest.
Looking for something to set you apart from the Homecoming crowd? Make yourself a jewelry hairpiece after watching this DIY video.
A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a set of fabric purchasing cards to help you know how much material to buy without a pattern in mind, now you can win you own set!
Make your little guy (or gal) some cool applique guitar bibs. I really wish Easton would wear them, these have got to be my favorite!
Give your fall trees some personality with this plush leaf tutorial!
An amazing set of Alice in WonderlandQueen of Hearts costumes given away to one lucky winner. Need an adult companion to go with it? Try this tutorial for the Mad Hatter’s look.
Knit up a cute little baby beanie & mittens…. Another reason I need to take up knitting again.

Rock On

The last piece to Easton’s Halloween costume is finished – the zebratiger striped pants! I used a legging pattern from Ottobre 6/2008 and I have to say, it sewed up so easily. Now that everything is made, you’ll have to wait for the big ‘reveal’ on Halloween to see how it all looks together. I wonder if I have time to put together a guitar bag?

Shirt To Bag

There’s a new project up at The Sewing Republic… and it’s mine! This tutorial for transforming a shirt into a backpack is probably one of my favorites, not just because it’s a great way to recycle a t-shirt, but because it’s fun and easy to make. In fact, since making the original, I’ve made a few more. This one was requested by Taylor, she’s been using it for toting around her clothes for practice:

The only difference between this version and the original T-Shirt Drawstring Bag is the shirt size. The original was an adult t-shirt which gave me plenty to work with, however, this one was a child’s XL – which meant that I had to slightly scale back the dimensions of this bag. I figure I’ll make an even smaller version when Easton is ready to start carrying around his own ‘supplies’ (i.e. toys) over to grandmas!

Good Save

I love having a good hour or two to sew – not only is it therapeutic, but productive as well…… (Keep reading for more details. Everyone except Marie, because this one is for you!)

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