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The last part of Taylor’s costume is complete – the choker. This super simple accessory was so easy to make, I think Taylor could have whipped it up herself. The downside, it’s scratchy and is a bit loose (even on me). Odds are, however, she won’t even wear it – she wasn’t keen on how it looked on the pattern envelope, but I had plenty of lace left over to make it and thought I would give it a whirl.

Linky Thurdsay

Everyone loves pinwheels, so why now make a few of these spooky spinners this Halloween for your little ghoul or goblin? If you prefer the fabric kind (they don’t move, but look really cute) try out this version from Portabellopixie.
When I first saw this knitting pattern for a tooth on Craft, I thought it was a set of vampire fangs (after all it had red eyes), that is until I read further and realized – it’s a tooth fairy pillow! I’m a sucker for a cute tooth fairy pillow – I guess we have a few years still until we need another one, though.
A good reason to make cupcakes – make your own wrappers for the occasion! I really wish Taylor still had holiday parties, I’d definitely try this one out!
Even if you don’t like wearing funky Halloween socks, you’ll want to pick up at least one pair to make Heather Bailey’s Betty Boo sock bat.
Little Quilt Company is giving away 3 sets of six patterns! You can read all the entry details here.
Have a knitter in your life, but don’t know what to sew them up for Christmas? Here’s a few fantastic ideas!
Sometimes dressing up isn’t just for Halloween. Make your little make-believer their own crown so they can rule the kingdom!
While at parentteacher confrences this week, I saw some paintings similar to Posie Gets Cozy’s – now I really want to try this technique.
These cupcakes look good enough to eat – learn how to make these delicious soaps for yourself.
I suppose I must really be hungry while writing this post because I’ve noted a ‘food theme’ here this morning, but actually this meat hand was just too gross not to point out. I may have actually lost my appetite now.

Put Together

With all the pieces of Taylor’s costume (relatively) complete, we decided to see how it all looked put together and how well it fits. Here’s the result:

I realized that I still need to make the ‘choker’ to this costume, but from the looks of the instructions it should be pretty easy to put together. Although, I’m not sure if Taylor will wear it – I’m thinking she’ll say it’s scratchy (it’s the flat lace gathered together and embellished). Hopefully, I’ll find the time to add the trim to the coat, make the choker, and take some nice photos in time to enter it in Pattern Review’s costume contest! How’s everyone else’s costume coming together?


I love it when the mail arrives and brings….. packages! My swap partner for the week of baby onesies sent 5 fun shirts for Easton:

Included in my package was an applique car shirt (it’s hard to see in the photo, but there are little men driving racecars on it), a BAM onesie, a Halloween themed pullover, and my two favorite a firetruck striped shirt (not only do I love stripes, but the applique and stitching are adorable), and a shirt and ‘tie’! I’ve been wanting to make one of these for ages, and am thrilled to finally have one! Of course, nothing shows off these onesies like an action shot (too bad Easton wasn’t as thrilled to pose for them):

Lacy Dress

With just a week to spare, I’m happy to report that Taylor’s costume is finished (well, I still have that trim to add trim to the jacket collar)! The dress is the last part to complete and for whatever reason, I thought would be the hardest part to put together – it turned out, it was the easiest. The only change I made to this part of the pattern is that the dress is fully lined. Taylor wanted the entire dress to be made of lace, so this was definitely a ‘must have’. We decided to use a lining that would match the panne for the jacket exterior and found a Joann’s ‘Casa Collection’ satin that worked perfectly – the downside? I purchased entirely too much fabric to line it!
Taylor has off of school today (and the rest of this week) so we’re going to see how everything looks together – more photos to come tomorrow!

Harajuku Jacket, Part 2

Well, after much wrangling of fabric, I finally finished the jacket to Taylor’s costume! There’s quite a bit of fabric involved (4 layers of fabric plus interfacings) and they way the sleeve is inserted is a bit different than what I would have done (they have you basting the sleeve and the lining separately then bast together, then gather). Consequently, it is a bit bulky to work with – I can’t imagine what it would be like if I would have used the canvas like they recommended! Taylor has decided not to add buttons to this jacket (which is nice because it take around 10), but would like the same trim around the collar as what I used for the vest neckline – now that’s a lot of handstitching to do!
The good: The fit is good and it looks nice on, but we possibly could have gone up one size and it might be a bit better.
The bad: Taylor hates the sleeve ruffles, they are enormously long and cover up much of her hand. I might have to agree on this one, but I really don’t want to have to go back and re-work this part.

Harajuku Jacket, Part 1

Since things are slowly returning to normal around the house, I’ve been able to spend some time working on Taylor’s Halloween costume. So far, this is the state of the jacket – it’s looking a bit more ‘goth’ than ‘gothic Lolita’, but I think that’s mostly due to the Alexander Henry Bandanna Skull fabric for the lining (although I think it still looks very cool). Today I hope to add the sleeves and call this part of the project finished!
In the mean time, the last part of her costume came in – a set of over the knee (which will probably be more like thigh high) socks from Sock Dreams. I had scouted out stores all over town to find a set that might match her costume’s colors but didn’t have any luck, so I turned to my favorite internet sock store (yes, I have one, I secretly love fun socks). Of course, I had to pick up a little something for myself…. what can I say, I was feeling the holiday spirit.

Un-sickly Linky Friday

Someone at The Sewing Republic must be spying on us at dinner time because their latest project, the Crumb Catcher, is a perfect little project for sticking under Easton’s high chair.
Need some last minute Halloween costume ideas? YCMT shows you how and gives you the free patterns to make them!
Hot Patterns asked what video tutorial you’d like to see next and they responded – the winner? Classix Nouveau Uptown/Downtown Knit Dress.
If you’re like me, you need need more sewingcrafting magazines to read. Skip the print and go virtual, here’s the latest La Viva Moda chock full of fall fashion and trends for those who are devoted to handmade goods. [link via Starving Crafters]
Love Japanese fabric, but can’t stand the price? This and That from Japan is celebrating their one year anniversayr and to celebrate, they’re discounting fabric and stamps up to 20%. I think it’s time to buy Taylor some Hello Kitty…. (thanks to Judi for the link).
There’s a new sewing community out in the web, We All Sew, check it out to find links to tutorials, projects, cool sewing blogs, and sewing volunteer opportunities!
A good reason not to smile this Halloween – be a Mona Lisa portrait! [link via Geek Crafts]
Pam from Off the Cuff recently wrote an article that appeared on the cover of ASG’s newsletter. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, you can download it here for free.
Shhhh, there’s a monster that lives in their bathroom. Wait, it’s only a step stool (and an adorable one at that!).
Seeing that I’m already in the Christmas mood because of my current Stocking Swap sewing, why not start pointing out great items to sew up for the holidays? This little stocking would look cute on a hearth room mantel, although from a distance it does look a bit potholder-ish.
If I decided to go as Tron for Halloween, I’d definitely make these LED eyelashes. However, seeing that Bret is much taller than me, I think that this Headless Bride costume might work better.
A new Sew Forth Podcast is up!

Linky Thursday – Postponed

As it probably comes as no surprise, I’m postponing Linky Thursday (until tomorrow) due to family illness. Apparently, quarantining Taylor is a bigger job (especially when Bret is gone out of town) than what I expected. On the bright side, no one else has shown any symptoms of the H1N1 virus so far (knock on wood) and Taylor is starting to feel ‘back to normal’ (aside from the wicked cough she’s developed).
See you all tomorrow!