Cute Dogs

If you looked up the definition of absolutely adorable, more than likely you’ll find Cute Dogs: Craft your own Pooches. This is another much sought after Japanese sewing book that’s been recently translated into English and is designed to teach you how to create over 15 different breeds of miniature dogs. Unlike most books devoted to crafting animals (most of which are either felted or animaguri (crochet), all the animals in Cute Dogs are sewn!
So how small are we talking? Think palm sized. Consequently, all stitches are sewn by hand (seam allowances are 1/16″) and require small scraps of of fur and suede to create a miniature, life-like versions of some of your favorite dogs. All pattern pieces are included as well as tips on basic sewing, tools needed, and suggestions on how to shape your animal parts. I’m thinking these would make the most adorable Christmas ornaments for the dog lover in your life!
If you enjoy this title, a second book is being released, Cute Pups, in November that not only includes more patterns for dog breeds, but accessories for them too!