Tribute To Dr. Seuss

One thing that I love about swaps is that everyone in the family can get in on the action. This time around, it’s a swap entirely for Easton – a week of baby onesies. My swap partner requested that I make shirts for each of her children, twins (boy and girl) and a baby girl. I had a ton of ideas for the twins, but I narrowed it down to these:

I also added a little ‘thing’ to the back of the shirt (right where the ‘tag’ sits):

Overall, I like the way they turned out, although I had a very difficult time finding two red solid shirts that would fit them – I wound up having to go up one size. I think that they might swim in these and am wondering if I should try to alter them a bit so that they would fit (I have no idea of their measurements) or just leave them and let the twins grow into them?

7 thoughts on “Tribute To Dr. Seuss

  1. Sarah

    I’d leave em! They grow so fast and mom might appreciate something they don’t outgrow in a month. I’d just let her know you had to go a size up to get the colors you needed. Love the shirts!

  2. bernadette

    Twins must be fun to dress, and these suoer-cute shirts certainly will be a big hit. Kids grow so quickly!

  3. sassypriscilla

    Hi Stacy – these are cute. If you have a Land’s End near you, they have awesome solid color shirts. Our inlet doesn’t carry them but I can order them in store for free shipping. Or they sometimes have free shipping codes. Ditto for LL Bean.

  4. Virginia

    Even though my ‘baby’ is 16, I still remember how quickly she grew out of things – especially favorite things. When I smocked, I always made her dresses big so she’d get more wear out of them. I’d leave those adorable t-shirts right like they are.

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