I Love UPS

I love UPS, they always drop off the best goodies at my house – this week it was Sweet Nothings and my Fabric.com order (Marie, because the fabric for your stocking is in the upcoming photo don’t read on).

The main purpose for ordering this round of fabric is twofold, material for Easton’s Halloween costume and a stocking panel for my Christmas Stocking Swap partner (the finished stocking should be quite large!)- it also helped they sent me a 20% off coupon for my birthday! Consequently, I tossed in some laminated Michael Miller china doll, a fun cotton print that happened to be their ‘deal of the day’, and my first Oliver + S pattern (for pjs). I loved everything, but was a bit disappointed in the ‘tiger’ print material for Easton – it was listed as 100% rayon (so I thought it would have a different look and feel to it, like a synthetic, which is what I was going for), but definitely feels a lot like cotton. It will work, but not quite what I was after.
I haven’t had much time to spend with Sweet Nothings, but at first glance the projects look very ‘doable’ – much like the ones that appear in the December issues of Burda magazine. I plan on spending time with my latest books tonight and bookmarking which projects that I might want to try from them. In the mean time, I’m off to trace the Guest Slippers from Sweet Nothings. Anyone try this one out and want to give me some thoughts or tips?