I find swaps not only bring out my creative side, but also allows me to sew up things that I probably would have never thought of making if it weren’t for the wishlist of my partner. Because ‘planning’ is one of my favorite parts of sewing (besides the actual sewing), I find myself spending hours daydreaming of things I might want to make and how I can go about sewing it up. My latest project is a prime example (so no peeking Marie!):

A Harry Potter Book of Monsters (you can get an idea of the inspiration book by checking out this ‘toy’ found on Amazon – but take a deep breath before you do, this plush is $49.99!). Actually, it’s a book jacket for Cables Untangled – my partner had ‘wisted’ the blanket that appears on the front cover and since my knitting skills are not that advanced, I thought this was the next best thing (she also had listed a jacket cover similar this).
For this particular cover, I used a shaggy faux fur and a stretch paisley, brown knit that was a remnant from another project (in hindsight, I wish I had used a red or pink so it looked like the inside of a mouth when you opened it up) for the jacket flaps and lining. I opted to use a knit in these areas so it would have some stretch and fit snug over the book edges. The ‘teeth’ are made from a white felt and the tongue is from a felted wool sweater. From there I glued on some large googly eyes and used half circle felt pieces for eyelids.

4 thoughts on “Fuzzy

  1. suzanne

    Stacy, this is so caaaute! 🙂 The movie “Where the Wild Things Are” is coming out in October and this is a perfect segway to that as well!!!!
    Glad you are feeling better and glad it wasn’t the
    “oink flu” !

  2. Marguerite

    oooh I love that book — I made a half-sized version of the front cover blanket as a baby present. It’s not that hard, actually — the directions are really clear — it just takes a long time, and then you have to sew the parts together.
    Your cover’s great 🙂

  3. Katharine in Brussels

    *Squee* I love this! It’s much cuter than the Amazon version, which shows it’s selling at $65 now(!) If my nieces and nephew weren’t so young (all under 4), I would have loved to use your inspiration to wrap up a book like that for them. Marie is one lucky duck to get such an adorable, touchy book (can you tell I’m a HP fan?) Love it, love it, love it! Superb!

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