Another Year

September 21 – The Hobbit was first published (in 1937), NFL Monday Night Football made it’s debut, and I was born. Thankfully, I am feeling better because there are few things worse than being sick on your birthday!
Since Bret didn’t have any idea what to get me, I wound up ordering some books off my Amazon wish list: Twinkle Sews, Sweet Nothings: Handmade Camis, Undies & Other Unmentionables, and Sewing: 2010 Day-to-Day Calendar. I’m very anxious for their arrival because these were some of the books that I’ve been looking forward to for months.
I also got my partner for the Week of Baby Onesies swap on Craftster – not only do I get to craft for a baby girl, but twins! The problem? I have far more ideas than what I have shirts!
Now it’s off to relax and maybe take in some sewing.

16 thoughts on “Another Year

  1. suzanne

    oops….guess I was a day early with my birthday wishes….at least you are feeling better today and you can enjoy your day 🙂 Happy Birthday!!

  2. Peggy

    Happy, Happy Birthday Stacy. I’m so glad you feel better today and I wish you a happy, relaxed and blessed birthday.

  3. Leesa

    I am going to put that calendar on my wist as well at the lingerie book. Actually when I looked on Amazon I saw several other books that look interesting. I just bought 6 books on Saturday. But gee I have a soft spot for crafting and sewing books.

  4. MichelleB

    Happy, happy Birthday! I’m looking forward to hearing your book reviews. Especially the undie one. Let me know if there are tips for sewing on jersey – you know my great fear of jersey. lol

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