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For once, I’m at a loss. Normally by now, we’ve got Halloween patterns, fabrics, and notions selected and purchased, but this year I have no idea what to do for Easton (overall, I’m not really excited about any of the patterns) – and I’d love some feedback. I’d love to hear which one you like the best (either what’s cutest or what you’ve had experience with):

Simplicity 2506 – I like the dinosaur pattern. Maybe if I could find an interesting ‘reptilian’ fabric I could jazz this one up a bit, although I’m really not sure how keen Easton is going to be about the tail and wearing the headpiece on this one.
Simplicity 2527 – While I was browsing patterns, Easton hopped up on my lap and took interest in this pattern (I’m sure he was trying to figure out why a turtle has a human face). I love the turtle, but I really think there is no way I’m going to get that shell strapped on his back (plus I really don’t want to work with foam). I also think the bat might have possibilities, but only if I substitute the armwing fabric with some sort of meshy winglike material. Once again I’m not sure if he’d keep the headpiece on and what’s up with that collar?
Simplicity 2561 – This was a pattern that I originally had thought of making for Easton. Then I looked at the construction and noticed how shoddy it was. I think I would have to tweak this one to get it to look the way I wanted, but it wouldn’t require a massive overhaul. There is no way I could ever get him to wear the hat, but at least everyone would know what he was without it on!
Simplicity 4024 – Since fall decorations have arrived in stores, Easton has been totally fascinated with scarecrows. I’m not sure if he would recognize that’s what he is if I made one, but it sure would be cute – although, I think the tin man is even cuter. Now if I could find the time to make the Dorthy costume, we could have a theme going on this Halloween!
I haven’t found much in the way of toddler costumes (Easton is a size 1) with the other companies, but I’m totally up for suggestions! Which one would you go for?

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  1. sassypriscilla

    Personally, I love the gnome.
    My thought is that the scarecrow, which is darling, is one he might be able to relate to most. That means he might keep his ensemble on. The more I look at it, the cuter it is. Plus, if you dressed as Dorothy, it would be a stitch.
    I had a friend whose daughter insisted on being Dorothy (not just for Halloween…) so she made her one-year-old son the Cowardly Lion. They were real cute together.
    Can’t wait to see what you put together. Aidan is going as Perry the Platypus (Secret Agent Perry) from Phineas and Ferb. There’s no pattern out there so I have to whip up my own!

  2. suzanne

    When Garrett was that age I put him in a pair of “footie p.j.’s” the light weight kind. The print on the p.j’s was a leopard print. Then I just brushed a little brown makeup here and there on his face (for dirt) jelled his hair up a little and made a bone shaped stuffed toy (sort of large for effect) out of that really soft minky material. He loved it so much he carried it everywhere! To him he was in his jammies with a soft blankie (the bone) and for me with the hair and the little bit of make-up he was the cutest little cave boy I ever saw! Lots and lots of comments from people who wanted to just “eat” him up! lol I try to find a pic and post on fb.

  3. Mauri

    I love the whole Wizard of Oz theme, that could be so cute. I made a bat costume for my son one year when he was about 3. I solved the head piece situation by taking a black hoodie and used that for my base piece. I just put bat ears on the hood and made wings that connected along the sleeves and the sides. Some black sweatpants pulled it all together. Easiest costume I’ve ever made! He loved wearing it after Halloween and now his little brother wears it.

  4. Mary A.

    My little one is 2- and I have been eying up the same patterns! I really LOVE the gnome, but don’t know if he will wear the hat or the beard. Actually, I don’t know if he’ll wear anything, he fights just getting dressed in general….
    I LOVE the Elvis costume (2528) but it is WAY complicated- 149 rivets? Seriously? BUT I have an 8 yr old too, if I could get him to be young elvis, and the baby old elvis? We’d clinch the costume contest at school!
    Last year I made a chef costume for the baby and it was awesome. No pattern last year, I winged it by modifying a shirt pattern- but they have one this year. Super cute and the baby won 2nd place!
    Good luck and can’t wait to see your finished project.

  5. Blakely

    I love the idea of the scarecrow. It would be a timeless costume. I have to agree there isn’t much out there for toddler patterns. I’m actually glad I don’t have to make my nephew’s costume this year.
    By the way I got my copy of SewNews in the mail yesterday, congratulations again for being on the cover.

  6. shorty

    I love the idea of you being Dorthy and Easton being a scarecrow. I that would WAY too cute!!! Even if you didn’t get to make you a costume I still like the scarecrow best. I can’t wait to see how things turn out!

  7. Karen Marble

    I love the pirate… too bad it’s so badly done! Rather than having to totally overhall a pattern, I’d go for the scarecrow also. Especially if he’s interested in them. Everyone will recognize it, and he will look super cute! I work at a huge Halloween store part time, and we really don’t even have much for toddlers there. Just not a big market I guess. The best ones are the lightweight jumpsuit types that are usually super heros. The kids *love* them and can wear them as PJ’s after the holiday is over!

  8. Andrea M.

    I vote for the scarecrow as well. It is adorable, and it looks the least stressful to make and wear. I was so frustrated one year when I made a beautiful genie costume for my daughter and she wouldn’t wear the headpiece because it “itched”. Without the headpiece she just looked like a princess in weird pants. So, at least the scarecrow can go without a hat if necessary. You could put on a lot of makeup, and spike his hair out with hairspray or gel. Any way you look at it though, he is just too cute!

  9. bernadette

    I love the look of that little pirate and think Easton would look swell in it. Maybe you could explain that the HAT is what gets him the candy! LOL. But a scarecrow also sounds super. (Hint; Raffia is softer than real straw.)

  10. gretchen

    I know they call it a wizard. But I LOVE the garden gnome. That is hilarious. Granted, it isn’t very relatable to a toddler.

  11. Sarah

    Last year, I used Simplicity 4024 to make a Tin Man costume for my son. The pattern sizing is accurate, the instructions are clear, and the lame was fun to sew (seriously!). I think Easton would be adorable as the Tin Man or Scarecrow. I love the Wizard of Oz, so my vote goes to one of those costumes.

  12. christine

    With “Where the Wild Things Are” you could tweak any of those costumes and make him a little “Max”!

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