Two More Halloween Buckets

I didn’t get in much sewing this weekend, but I did manage to squeeze in the time to finish two more Candy Cauldrons for an in-store display for an upcoming class. I thought this time around I would try to take some picturesque photos, but Easton had other things in mind. I like this one better any way….

4 thoughts on “Two More Halloween Buckets

  1. Blakely

    The candy Cauldrons look great, and Easton is to cute. I guess he has gotten the hang of Halloween and he is already looking for some candy.

  2. Mary Jo

    That photo is so cute and brings back lots of memories. My kids are past the custume age now but I still miss it so when I saw the candy cauldron I thought I would like to try it. Unfortunately I don’t know how much to enlarge the templates. Please advise.
    Thanks much.
    Mary Jo

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