Pounding The Pavement

Yesterday, Taylor and I spent a large chunk of our day selling ads for her school’s yearbook and newspaper. We hit the pavement hard (trust me my feet felt it at the end of the day), but managed to take in some shopping while we were out:

Probably the thing I’m most excited about is a new fabric shop that opened up, Sew Much. This store specializes in high end, unique, and designer fabrics – and boy are they gorgeous. I found a lot of pieces that I would have like to have come home with, but I really need to figure out how I would want to use them first. For now, I picked out a beautiful maroon ITY jersey print, and a Anna Sui leaf print chiffon with a matching tan poly to underline the material…. Taylor and I decided that she needed a dress made from these two fabrics (I’m thinking an empire waist babydoll with cap, puff sleeves – can anyone think of a pattern off hand that might match this description?) Right now they are only selling fabrics through their brick and mortar store in the Delano District in Wichita.
One of our next stops led us to a fun, ‘gift’ shop located downtown – they sell everything from kitchy Fred Flare style items to clothing, purses, and gorgeous jewelry. I had been in last week and spotted a knitted sock monkey hat for Easton, but yesterday I couldn’t resist…. I bought it. Now let’s hope it gets cold enough this winter that he’ll wear it.
Lastly, I’ve started planning ahead for my Craftster Christmas Stocking Swap and bought some ‘local’ goodies – Sunny Seed Drops (candy coated sunflower seeds) and flavored (ranch and party mix) wheatberries. I thought that sounded pretty Kansas to me!

5 thoughts on “Pounding The Pavement

  1. Emily

    Ohhh, thanks for the heads-up on the store! I didn’t know there was another fabric store in town opening! I’ll check it out.

  2. Katharine in Brussels

    Kah—yuuuuute monkey hat for your adorable little monkey. Half the fun is that it is going to put a smile on every onlooker’s face, and what a pleasure for him to see the world beaming at him! Good on you for tackling fundraising with Taylor.

  3. bernadette

    How exciting to have a new fabric store!
    You will have to sew double-time to keep up with all the new inspiration.

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