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Cute Dogs

If you looked up the definition of absolutely adorable, more than likely you’ll find Cute Dogs: Craft your own Pooches. This is another much sought after Japanese sewing book that’s been recently translated into English and is designed to teach you how to create over 15 different breeds of miniature dogs. Unlike most books devoted to crafting animals (most of which are either felted or animaguri (crochet), all the animals in Cute Dogs are sewn!
So how small are we talking? Think palm sized. Consequently, all stitches are sewn by hand (seam allowances are 1/16″) and require small scraps of of fur and suede to create a miniature, life-like versions of some of your favorite dogs. All pattern pieces are included as well as tips on basic sewing, tools needed, and suggestions on how to shape your animal parts. I’m thinking these would make the most adorable Christmas ornaments for the dog lover in your life!
If you enjoy this title, a second book is being released, Cute Pups, in November that not only includes more patterns for dog breeds, but accessories for them too!

Contemplating Cleaning

I spent the morning cleaning the hazard area called, “Taylor’s Room”. It was so bad, I ‘billed’ her for the clean up – it’s on an official invoice and everything. While I was cleaning, I wondered how in the world she could let it get so bad, that is until I made my way downstairs to my sewing room and saw the state of disaster it’s in (I will say it is confined to tables and not the floor, yet).
If you’re like me and need an excuse to clean it up, check out the latest issue of Studio’s Magazine – To celebrate it’s latest issue, they are holding an “Open Studios” event with virtual tours of participants work areas…. it’s your chance to show off your space! Plus the first (25?) participants will receive a door prize! For all the details on how you can join, read here.

Tribute To Dr. Seuss

One thing that I love about swaps is that everyone in the family can get in on the action. This time around, it’s a swap entirely for Easton – a week of baby onesies. My swap partner requested that I make shirts for each of her children, twins (boy and girl) and a baby girl. I had a ton of ideas for the twins, but I narrowed it down to these:

I also added a little ‘thing’ to the back of the shirt (right where the ‘tag’ sits):

Overall, I like the way they turned out, although I had a very difficult time finding two red solid shirts that would fit them – I wound up having to go up one size. I think that they might swim in these and am wondering if I should try to alter them a bit so that they would fit (I have no idea of their measurements) or just leave them and let the twins grow into them?

Ren Fest 2009

So much for getting book reviews up this weekend….. Instead, yesterday, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and hit the Renaissance Festival. I was disappointed in the costuming, but we all had a great time, none the less. We came home burned, sweaty, and tired and took lots of photos to remember the occasion – this one of Taylor and Easton was one of my favorite.

Linky Thursday

Hot Patterns has a new YouTube video up on the Marrakesh Drawstring Pants (just in time for me to finish these up). Speaking of, did you see that has a new FREE Hot Pattern available for download? It reminds me a lot of my 3 Graces cowl, but with a wide ribbed waistband. Love it!
BurdaStyle and The Sewing Republic are having a scarf dress challenge. One winner will receive a Bernina sewing machine!!!
Want to watch web based television shows devoted to quilting? Here’s your chance to win a membership to The Quilt Show!
20 FREE patterns and a chance at a STC craft book!
The classic children’s book Where The Wild Things are is being made into a movie coming out next month. Celebrate the occasion (or just make yourself a fun Halloween costume) with this Wild Things Hat Pattern! [link via Whip Up]
Make a ‘waterproof’ duffel bag from old umbrellas. Can you imagine how cute that would be with old children’s themed rain gear?
This tutorial come about two years too late for me – converting traditional pants into maternity wear.
It’s been chilly here this week (in the 40s early mornings!) so it’s time to start working to keep out the cold. I can’t think of a cuter way to do it than with this Stella the Draft Stopping Snake.
Take a class with Jay McCarol at Spool. OOOOH, how I wish I lived close to do this! [link via Funky Finds]
Another reason I need a YUDU – you can screen print on vinyl.
Still don’t know what to make for your little one this Halloween? How about this super simple Super Hero costume?
Win a $30 Gift Certificate to Quilted Treasures!
It’s never too early to be thinking about Christmas (after all I’m already sewing for it!), so why not whip up some cute little felted trees for you holiday decorations this year?
This free quilt pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop would make a perfect Christmas gift for the girly girl in you life. What would make it better? Free fabric to make it!
Believe it or not, I don’t own a wrist pincushion, but every time I have a chance to use one (say a class), I always think to myself I soooooo need one! Maybe I should just make my own wrist pincushion?


Some days, things go so wrong you just need some sewing therapy to make things better. Yesterday started off fine, but ended up a mess. The capper? I think Easton locked my keys in the car…. and Bret is out of town. If the keys aren’t inside, then he’s hidden them so well I won’t be able to find them until we move again – which will be years and years from now. So after retreating to my sewing room, I came out with a quick little project for my Stocking Swap partner.

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I find swaps not only bring out my creative side, but also allows me to sew up things that I probably would have never thought of making if it weren’t for the wishlist of my partner. Because ‘planning’ is one of my favorite parts of sewing (besides the actual sewing), I find myself spending hours daydreaming of things I might want to make and how I can go about sewing it up. My latest project is a prime example (so no peeking Marie!):

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Another Year

September 21 – The Hobbit was first published (in 1937), NFL Monday Night Football made it’s debut, and I was born. Thankfully, I am feeling better because there are few things worse than being sick on your birthday!
Since Bret didn’t have any idea what to get me, I wound up ordering some books off my Amazon wish list: Twinkle Sews, Sweet Nothings: Handmade Camis, Undies & Other Unmentionables, and Sewing: 2010 Day-to-Day Calendar. I’m very anxious for their arrival because these were some of the books that I’ve been looking forward to for months.
I also got my partner for the Week of Baby Onesies swap on Craftster – not only do I get to craft for a baby girl, but twins! The problem? I have far more ideas than what I have shirts!
Now it’s off to relax and maybe take in some sewing.