Candy Cauldron Tips & Tricks

Since the Candy Cauldron is a down loadable pattern on Sew New’s site, I’ve had several questions regarding supplies and the circle templates. Consequently, I thought I would post some handy “Tips & Tricks” when making this project:
I purchased my 5 quart paint bucket from Walmart. Home improvement stores have similar buckets, but I’ve found that they carry a much smaller supply and tend to run out faster.
While the instructions call for fleece on the exterior, I thought I should mention, just about any material will work. Fleece and felt tend to be bulkier, but they are durable, don’t fray, and retain their shape well. I’ve also used flannel (which is what the bucket on the magazine cover is made from) and burlap (which is what the buckets above are made with) with good results. Quilting cottons can be used, but they tend to produce ‘floppier’ buckets and don’t hold up as well – keep this in mind if you’re making one for a trick-or-treater.
The outer circle template is quite large and consequently, it’s not really something you’ll be able to print off from a home computer. Instead, you’ll want to make your own template with 1″ graph paper. Just to give you my dimensions – the radius of the exterior circle is 15 3/4″ (with the arc of the 1/4 circle being 23 3/4″) The smaller circle is the same size as the interior of the bucket plus 1/2″ seam allowances.
Probably the most difficult part of this project is sewing the panels to the inner circle. Sometimes either your cutting or sewing is off slightly or the stars just aren’t aligned properly and you’ll find that things just don’t quite ‘match up’. Instead of ripping out the stitches and saying a few curse words, I sometimes ‘tuck’ the excess material along the seam line so it blends in. Since this area lays in the bottom section of the bucket, it’s hardly noticeable unless you’re really looking for it.
The lining is ‘free’ from the bucket itself. If you don’t like this look or just don’t want it to pull up, you may want to glue the material to the bottom of the bucket.

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  1. Katrina

    A friend just told me about this pattern Saturday and I saved the site under my favorites. I’m so glad to see yours you made. They turned out great. Hopefully I can get some made this year for my kids. It’s such a cute idea!

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