Happy Saturday

After thinking about it for awhile and getting some advice, I’ve decided to forge ahead on making the drawstring pants. The fabric is washed and ready to go, now I just need to trace the pattern off.
Afterward, I plan on making the Square Gusset Tee – I’ve printed off the pages, but am dreading the taping process. The up side, however, is that I found a great fabric (it just happens to be gray like the model’s) in my stash – it’s a 1/4 yard short, but I’m hoping that I can play with the pattern placement enough that I can eek by.
Speaking of down loading patterns – if you’re planning on making the Candy Cauldron, I’m working on a “tips and tricks” post for my tutorial. I should have it up in the next couple of days.
Hope everyone has a great weekend and gets out and enjoys the day. I’m happy to say, our weather is finally cooled off and is absolutely gorgeous!

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