I Caved

Just a few days ago, I looked into my sewing closet and said, “Agh, I think I’m set. I’ve got solids, prints, boy and teen themed fabrics, denim, sweatshirt fleece, french terry, and even a bit of leather. I have no room for more!” But somehow, I managed to land onto the Fabric Fairy’s homepage and saw the return of the Cute Birds Waterproof Japanese import and that’s when I caved. I’ve had my eye on this material for awhile and told myself that if it ever came back into stock that I would go ahead and buy it. So what do I want to do with it? Make a cosmetic bag. For quite awhile, I’ve had a pattern in my mind on how I would like to make one and this particular print really called to screamed at me that it needed to be made into my first version.
Of course, my cart seemed very lonely with just that material in it, so I picked up a few other gems including this I Love Lucy knit print. I thought it might complement some of the Lucy Fabric I picked up earlier this year (I’m thinking pjs).
Alright, back to sewing up some stash!

3 thoughts on “I Caved

  1. Mary

    I feel your pain…my stash is bursting at the seams, but I couldn’t help myself when Trendy Fabrics had this wonderful sale with free shipping on top! I bought some of the fabrics from his “dollar bin” and was truly amazed at the quality! He has great prices on Amy Butler too. I keep telling myself “if you don’t look, you won’t buy” But what’s the fun in that???

  2. Andrea M.

    It’s o.k. When it comes to fabric, I cave all the time. I comfort myself with the fact that it’s not drugs, alcohol, expensive jewelry, shoes, etc. I try to comfort my husband with that as well. Thankfully he loves me enough to look the other way, and pretend that my stash is not multiplying in the dark. Have a happy sewing weekend!

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