First off, I wanted to say, “I think I’m caught up!” With school back in session for a week and a half, I’m getting some sort of ‘schedule’ in place and am starting to feel like I’m making a dent into my sewing list. One thing I’ve been meaning to accomplish? Posting a few reviews at Pattern Review… I also spent a great deal of time reading the boards – something that I missed doing frequently over the summer. So if you’ve wanted more in depth reviews of the Maxi Dress, Summer Blouse, and 3 Graces Top, be sure to check them out!
I’ve also started doing some Halloween sewing for my etsy shop. This particular project should be up in the next week or so and should give you an idea of what my next tutorial will be for the OctoberNovember issue of Sew News! is available for download on the Sew News site (as well as the OctoberNovember issue)
Now, here comes the hard part…. what to sew up next? The Wong-Singh-Jones Marrakesh Drawstring Pants, a second version of the 3 Graces T-Shirts (I saw a top in Victoria Secret that looked very similar to the ‘loop front’ version), the Square Gusset T-Shirt, or go back to the Field Bag? Sigh, so many fun projects out there to work on, so little time to sew them all up!

3 thoughts on “Torn

  1. bernadette

    I guess I vote for the pants – they look so comfy. And because I need more pants myself!

  2. Sarah

    I say go for the pants.
    Cool, cool, cool on your new article. I love it. Another thing I have bookmarked to try. Where do you get the paint cans?

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