Square Gusset T-Shirt

There’s a new project up at The Sewing Republic – a fashion forward shirt from designer Bob Martin. While the front looks like your ‘typical’ tee, this top actually has some fantastic looking draping going in the back along with some fun gussets. I’m anxious to try this one out – it looks very fun to wear… now if I could just squeeze myself into a pair of skinny jeans like the model!

4 thoughts on “Square Gusset T-Shirt

  1. Karen K

    Stacy, this is great! I watched the video, and I’m wondering if he used a walking foot on his Bernina.

  2. bernadette

    Like the draping in the back – but not the droopy, gusseted underarms. (Just never find those to be flattering on hardly anyone. Always amazed that they drift back into style!) His instructions are so great, though – gives me lots of ideas!

  3. Sweet Pea

    I love this shirt! it is to die for. Finally fashion I can really get into sewing. I think using those gusset pieces under the arm is quite fashionable and obviously innovative, well it is designer. Anyhow.. to each his own, but fashion is in the details and this has it! Put up a pic of you wearing it Stacy!

  4. wanttodesign

    I love this design.. My teen who is 14 wanted to buy it.. when she saw it and wanted to know what store it was in.. I was so excited!! She is finicky and wears nothing “home sewn” as most teens her age are..but this shirt she wants to wear. I love that it is trendy, chic, and simple.. kudos bob for a terrfic idea.. Thanks so much for sharing it!!

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