Summer Blouse – Part 1

It’s been about a week since I first mentioned that I was going to sew up the summer blouse, so I suppose it’s time for a progress report. Thus far, I have constructed the entire front of the blouse, attached the back, and bound the neckline:

As for the directions, well, I’m just using them as ‘guidelines’. I had read quite while ago that this particular pattern had several errors, so I’m just using the bold headers and the illustrations to guide me though construction. Of course there are drawbacks to this – I neglected to see that this pattern needed bias binding which forced me to quit sewing early to make some. Now on to the sleeves!

4 thoughts on “Summer Blouse – Part 1

  1. Anary

    Gosh what the heck is happening with pattern directions…I made a dress from simpliicty that is a republication of the past…I almost fell of the chair when I saw that they skipped some pretty good steps. Now I know why I see those old dresses with great shapes and ways for fitting and the news ones just “hang” on the body.
    Don;t give me that line “oh people do not have the time to sew anymore…yeah I get it…but when I do have time I want to reaach my goal with pride of my piece!
    Sorry Stacy but I had to give a shout out here. 😉 These guys should be more considerate to us!
    (Burda…since this is a translation and I do not know enough german to say anything about it…I could give you one more chance! For 80 bucks a pop for each subscription…you better wake up!)
    GO STACY!!! Make it beautiful!! Already looks great.

  2. J.J.

    Despite any instruction issues, I really like the Summer Blouse pattern, itself, and by that I mean the actual pattern pieces.
    They are nice on their own, unmodified, but it’s an AWESOME beginning to some other fun modifications – I have 3 versions now, and plan to try a sleeveless one (despite that it’s almost fall) and perhaps a hoodie pullover something with the same basic pattern pieces.
    My suggested modifications are just like the ones on pattern review and all over the blog-o-sphere…sleeves are long (I shortened mine several inches to be wrist length) – and I needed to add a few inches to the bottom hem…even though I made the longest (L) version…and after the first version, (which was still ok) I decided to drop the neckline in the front about 2 inches and shorten the placket split thing (my slip stitching didn’t hold up so so well in the wash…)

  3. vanessa

    I have one of these in progress too. The length of the top is too short (and I’m petite). I should have added a a few inches. Also, I agree with other commenters not on the placket. I don’t really understand putting the placket so deep and then sewing it up. You might as well just put the placket where it should be to begin with…
    Like your fabric. Are you using a lawn or similar fabric as she recommends?

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