Making A Dent

It was so nice to be able to have some uninterrupted sewing time yesterday – sewing has got to be so much cheaper than therapy (wait, maybe it isn’t. I do have a rather large fabric ‘collection’).
While I didn’t get to everything that I would have liked, I did make a nice dent into my list…. I even made some progress on my Burda Maxi Dress! This is the bodice to the dress – as you can see, I’ve skipped the invisible zipper. I went to the mall with Taylor the other day and checked out several dresses with a similar design – none of which had zips. I slipped on one (if I wasn’t already in the process of making a dress, I would have just snatched up this one, it was adorable) and didn’t have any problems wrangling it on, so I thought I would skip it with my version. Consequently, I decided to eliminate some of the interfacing (like the back of the dress) so that it would retain more stretch. I’m not sure if all knit interfacings behave the same, but I’ve found that the kind I’ve been purchasing reduces some of the stretch.
So far, everything has gone together without a hitch – let’s hope it all continues that way! What did everyone do over their weekend?

3 thoughts on “Making A Dent

  1. karen

    I went to a bellydancing workshop! The ladies I take lessons from do alot of sewing for costumes, so it’s handy that I know something about sewing already. Now if I can just learn to bead… 🙂 I know your dress is going to turn out great… love the fabric!

  2. Mary

    Looking good so far…I think you are going to beat me…I got sidetracked with another dress and I worked on a skirt tonight!

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