Sewing Preparation

Since Bret had a day devoted to fishing last week and is currently on a ‘work retreat’ (I put that in quotes because not only are they having meetings and seminars, but I believe there was mention of white water rafting as well?), I am gearing up for an entire day of sewing on Sunday. How do I prepare for a day devoted to needle arts?
First I clean the entire house – nothing is more distracting than knowing that there’s tons of other things that I should be doing.
Secondly, I get my projects lined up – tracing patterns, cutting fabrics, and writing instructions that I can ‘test sew’. I’m trying to be realistic about the number of things that I will accomplish in one day – I’ll be happy if I just get the Maxi Dress completed.
Lastly, I shut the door to my sewing room, unplug the computer, and turn off the phone. Otherwise, I’m too tempted to check my favorite blogs, play a ‘quick game’, or chat with a friend.
How do you prepare for your marathon sewing day?

6 thoughts on “Sewing Preparation

  1. Karen K

    Sounds great! Question: Do you have a TV on while you sew? If you do, do you watch DVDs or regular TV shows? When I sew, I’ll pop in a DVD and then it seems I forever link the garment I’ve sewn with the movie I had on while sewing it!

  2. bernadette

    Wake up early, ignore everything I would normally do, and start sewing RIGHT AWAY Once I start, I find it easy to keep at it.
    This usually only really works if all other family members are out of town.

  3. Mary

    I am much like you…I have to get the house clean and my chores done or I can’t enjoy the process. I try to have things cut out and ready to roll so time in the studio is quality time. I can always trace or cut out something while we are watching TV at night or on a break at work. And then I have to have my music on…currently I have been rocking Marshall Tucker Band, Michael Jackson HIStory and Rhianna…weird mix, huh???

  4. stacy

    Karen – I don’t have a tv in the sewing room at the moment, but we’ve talked about it (it’s hooked up for cable). I do bring in my laptop and put in a DVD while I sew – either a movie or The Office….. I seem to be able to sew up a storm when I put in a movie, but can’t seem to concentrate when music is on!

  5. shorty

    I don’t get times like that very often but when I do I too like to have all chores done. I don’t care if I have to trace the whole time as long as it is something to do with sewing. I like to have my soda and snacks so I don’t have to worry about stopping to eat. I REALLY would like a sewing day, that would be great!!!

  6. MichelleB

    I don’t do those things, but I should. Otherwise those “quick” blog checks and “quick” games eat up way too much time.

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