Fighting For Fabric

I’m finally set to start sewing on my Burda Maxi Dress this week. I managed to cut out all the pieces… however, I had to fight for the fabric as our bird decided that it made a nice place to take a nap.
Now we’re off to today’s crafty activity – tie dying shirts for cheerleading camp. I’m actually excited to get to help…. I wonder if they’ll let me make my own?

6 thoughts on “Fighting For Fabric

  1. Anary

    I really hope you did not disturb him….Birds are people too you know?!! They deserve a pretty fabric to nap on.
    HAHAHHA.Just joking… Love this little dude!
    Hugs for ya!

  2. Anonymous

    How fun…my birds usually leave an unpleasant present for me when I let them help cut! Too cute!!!

  3. Chrisyt S

    What a pretty bird! Aren’t they ever so naughty? One of mine just laid eggs — you could have knocked me over with one of her feathers. 3 eggs at that. I took them away from her since she had been picking at the paper towel in her cage, trying to build a nest. My breeder told me it might happen with my other female and her birdie husband, but instead is was the other bird I adopted from her. She’s probably not speaking to me. Guess I’ll see when I get home.

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