Paisley Halter, Complete

It may have taken weeks to finally get back to it, but I’m happy to say, my paisley halter is…. FINISHED!
So, let’s talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly with this pattern!
The good: The overall design is exactly what I was looking for, plus it’s simple to put together.
The bad: If you’re wanting to make this top for yourself, it might be difficult to find as it is now out-of-print. I’m not sure how old it is, but I believe it is pre-New Look. It also needs a bit of ‘updating’ in the length of the finished top as it is a bit short for today’s styles.
The ugly: Whoever wrote the directions for working with stretch fabric needs to be fired. There is a lot of straight stitching going on which is a definite ‘no-no’ when working with knits – I can’t imagine all the popped seams and stitches you would have after trying to put it on. This pattern is also an unnecessary fabric hog. The entire front of this top is supposed to be lined in self fabric. I know that this is to create a finished edge, but a shelf bra (which is what I opted to make instead) would do the same thing without wasting material. Lastly, is the sizing. While the fit is good, the amount of elastic needed for the back of the top is WAY too much. After an initial fitting, I wound up having to take it all out and remove 4 1/2″… and it’s still a bit on the lose side!
I’m not going to say that I wouldn’t recommend this pattern – it’s got good bones. However, before you start sewing this one up, I would recommend tweaking it a bit to avoid some headaches!

4 thoughts on “Paisley Halter, Complete

  1. Shannon

    Actually I don’t have to hunt down this pattern. I just noticed that there is a very similar pattern in the latest Burda (7/2009) #124A – it has a wrap around the back with ties that come together in the front, but the neckline is the same. I think I will try that one first!

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