Cutting, Cutting, Cutting

I spent the better part of an afternoon doing nothing but cutting fabric for my Field Bag. While there isn’t a lot of pieces to the bag itself, there are several ‘layers’ that need to be cut – the exterior and lining fabrics, pockets, interfacing and fusible fleece. Even though cutting fabric is my least favorite part of sewing, I’ll happily cut all these layers just so I can avoid using Timtex! As much as I love how it gives shape to a bag, it’s just such a booger to work with. All I have left is to cut the material for the piping – I plan to use my new Simplicity Rotary Cutter for that part. I’ll be starting on this project as soon as I finish up my paisley halter.
The July issue of Burda arrived on Friday and I have to say, this is a great issue I found so many things that I would love to make including this maxi dress (and for petites no less!). We have a big family get-together at the end of this month and I think this would be perfect to wear. The instructions call for using a border print jersey (I’ve been tempted to pick up one of Ann’s, which is still on sale) and a side zipper. Do you think it’s necessary to insert a zipper if you’ve got a fabric with good stretch?

5 thoughts on “Cutting, Cutting, Cutting

  1. suzanne

    Stacy, I have several of these Maxi dresses in various fabrics….a good knit fabric is easy to pull on over your head….I’d say as long as it’s a good quality knit…no zipper needed!

  2. Christy S

    I see absolutely no reason to use a zipper if your fabric has enough stretch — it’s kind of redundant. Plus, you have to go through the hassle of stabilizing the area because of the stretch.

  3. Rose in SV

    I’m convinced that Burda owns shares in a zipper company, because they are always suggesting zippers in designs that don’t need them. ….LOL okay, maybe they don’t own a zipper factory. I think that if you get a stretchy enough jersey, you will be fine You can always baste to see if you can get the dress over your head and shoulders.

  4. bernadette

    If you can get the bust part easily over either your hips or shoulders you can probably skip the zip. I have wide shoulders and have sometimes have trouble with pullover dresses – I get “stuck” !
    Hmmm, I just looked at the technical diagram for that dress and see a straight under-bust seam that could cause you problems without a zip. Unfortunately, they do not show the rear view, so it’s hard to say. Cute dress!

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