Headphones V2

Taylor has taken a growth spurt (we’re now eye-to-eye) so many of the shirts she owns are getting too small. One of her favorites, the headphone print tee started becoming a ‘belly shirt’ this spring so I told Taylor that I would make her a new one (goodness knows I have yards of this material). I finally got around to making her shirt the other day – it looks exactly the same as the original, except I added an extra 2 1/2 to 3 inches to the length.
I’m already planning on making another t-shirt for her with a nautical print that I picked up at Needle Nook this summer. I guess I’ve gotten a bit sidetracked from my paisley halter, eh?

3 thoughts on “Headphones V2

  1. Gwen

    You’re not really sidetracked. You just moved something to the top of your priority list! And what better sewing to do than make things for your daughter.

  2. bernadette

    See? This is WHY having a stash of fabric is a good thing! Cute fabric and shirt! Lucky Taylor.

  3. Nikki

    I can’t get over how grown up Taylor is looking. She’ll have you busy keeping up with growth spurts and her favourite garments. Will we ever see that halter top finished??

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