What Happened To Sunday?

Where has my Sunday gone? Because if anyone knows I want it back! It’s not even 2 o’clock here and I’ve already had a full day (and we’re still going) – none of which included sewing. I had intended on getting several projects wrapped up (including 2 new shirts for Taylor and my paisley halter), but it looks as if I’ll have to try to tackle those during the week.
I will say that I recently received the Simplicity Rotary Cutting Machine and Bias Tape Maker (thank you again Hoodie!) and am looking forward to having a good chunck of time to play with them! Of course, once I do, I’ll be writing up a full review! In the mean time, stay cool and I hope you get some sewing in!

2 thoughts on “What Happened To Sunday?

  1. Gwensews

    Oh, good! I was hoping someone would take the plunge and try those new tools. I’ll be looking forward to a review. Taylor’s Hawaiian wrap is really cute. I had something similar many, many years ago–wore it as a swimsuit cover-up.

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