So Tropical

Just in time for the Hawaiian themed party, Taylor’s tropical wrap is finished! I wound up making a few modifications: shortening the length by 4 1/2 inches and serging a rolled hem around the edges instead of using a narrow hem. Overall, this was an incredibly easy project – made even easier by serging the edges! I think the results look great, too – in fact I may even make one for myself!
Whew, one more project crossed off the list! What’s on your sewing table this weekend?

4 thoughts on “So Tropical

  1. amanda

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone has ever altered a zipper back dress to a corset back dress. I am pregnant and I thought my bridesmaid dress was going to fit, but I just tried it on and it does not look like it is going to make it another 2 weeks. It is about impossible to zip now. There are no seams to let out either. (At the time I ordered the dress I didn’t know I was pregnant) and when I found out David’s Bridal would not let me exchange the dress or get a larger size. Please email me at if you can tell me how to change it to a corset back.

  2. sassypriscilla

    Stacy – Taylor looks darling. You did a great, thoughtful job. I bet she feels lucky to have a mom as talented as you.
    If I get the chance to sew this weekend, I’m going to finish the cushion covers I made for inherited wicker patio furniture. I made the first one last year. LOL!!!!
    Chances are we are going to enjoy strawberry picking and maybe some kite flying on this windy Wisconsin day.

  3. shorty

    WOW she is so pretty! You will have to chase those boys away from her because she is going to attract them all!!ACK!! LOL
    I plan on staying up until the pants I am making for the boys are DONE! I have to get them done so I can enter the PR contest. I have never entered one and now I am pushing the limits here! I am so close but had a very very bad week last week and didn’t get a whole lot sewn. After I finish those pants I will finish the two chairs I started 1 1/2 years ago so I can give the boys a chair for their Birthdays this month. I hate when I stop a project because it is sooooo hard to get back on it! ACK!! Soon, very very soon I would like to sew a sweat suit for myself. I found two patterns I am going to use and already have fabric and a zipper so I am READY!!

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