Linky Thursday

Win a one year subscription to Sew News! I’ll have several articles appearing in the magazine this year, so be sure to register to win this one so you’ll be able to check them out.
I need cooler t-shirts to recycle into panties. [link via Craft]
How to make steampunk spats. I’m keeping these in mind because after seeing the images from Alice in Wonderland, I may be making them for some costumes soon.
I love this knot trivet tutorial – it makes me want to go out and buy some jump ropes.
Gorgeous Things’ tutorial on working with mesh.
Our temperatures have been in the 100s this week, which means that this reversible water bottle tutorial is perfect for when we venture outside. [link via Innovative Sewing]
How to transfer your pattern markings.
Grab your glitter, the Crafty Chica has a Beach Tote Challenge!
Hot Patterns has a new video up, this time it’s for Wong-Sing-Jones Shangri-La Jacket (the link is for part 1of 3).
Convert baby pants to preschooler boy shorts.
I’ve seen lots of Craftster requests for the Sha Sha Ribbon Dream Purse… now you can make one for yourself with this tutorial. [link via WhipUp]
Lisa mentioned the new UK magazine, Sew and now I am wondering how I can get my hands on one.
What’s the best way to waterproof? Two On Two Off tested several options and documented the results.
I may need to sew up one of these cute bow bags for one of Taylor’s upcoming birthday parties.
If you’re traveling with kids this summer, then you know car entertainment is a must! Check out this tutorial for Brassy Apple’s I SPY book and you may get a few quiet minutes on your trip.

5 thoughts on “Linky Thursday

  1. melissa

    oh, if I find myself at the supermarket this weekend I’ll try to pick you up a Sew magazine. I grabbed one for myself last week and it’s not bad (a bit beginnery, but better than Sew Hip, but at least the pattern’s a keeper! Though the preview of next issue’s pattern looks really gross though, hahah).

  2. Martha.Haynes

    I LOVE Linky Thursday! Thanks so much for pulling together all these interesting sites ever week!

  3. bernadette

    I think my favorite today is that I Spy book! For my little grandson. Personalizing the photos like that makes it more fun and interesting!

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