Add Another Project To The List

With as simple as the halter top is that I’m working on, you would have thought I would be done by now, but it seems like lots of little projects keep creeping in. The latest? Butterick 4526 (which will appear on the sidebar soon) – the wrap coverup. Taylor was invited to a Hawaiian themed party this weekend and is supposed to dress up. We thought this was a cute design (and simple to sew, too) and selected a large floral print from Hancock Fabrics to make it look more tropical.
As for the halter, the shelf bra is inserted as well as the back elastic. However, when I slipped the top on to check it’s fit, I felt the back was way too losose, he back is still loose, so I’m going to have to rip it out and shave off several inches (yes, several!). Now where did I put my seam ripper?

2 thoughts on “Add Another Project To The List

  1. suzanne

    Received my Amy Butler Mini Dress/TunicTop pattern in the mail yesterday! So cute! I’m not sure I’ll be able to do the sew along on this, but I will make it eventually (to many house guests and a family trip to Florida this month to get to it!) Thanks for the hook up with Monkey Foot Designs! FAST!

  2. bernadette

    I like the shaped cut of the wrap. I have some wraps that are just straight rectangles and there is always ‘too much fabric’ when tied at neck or waist, forming big, bunchy knots!

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