Pre-Shirred Tank

I’m a sucker for cherry print fabric (especially when summer hits) and while shopping at Joann’s for interfacing, I saw a sweet shirred cherry print material in the remnant bin that I knew I had to have. It was just enough material to squeeze out a tank for Taylor this summer.
Since all the hard work (the shirring) was done for me, this top was a breeze to make – in under an hour. All I had to do was to sew the back seem together, cut off the excess material (Taylor wanted it to be a short top), hem the bottom edge, and make (and set) a pair of straps. I think she looks pretty happy with the end result!

8 thoughts on “Pre-Shirred Tank

  1. Kirsten D

    very cute, I love cherry fabric too! Just not sure how to were so I don’t look like a little girl.

  2. maemae226

    The top is super cute and I can’t believe how grown up Taylor is!!! I haven’t been following you that long, so it is amazing to me how much Taylor has changed. She has become a very pretty young woman. She looks like she has grown 6 inches in the last few months.

  3. Elaine

    How pretty! I just made two of those this weekend for my neices. For the younger, Stella,it was a sundress and for the older, Michaela,it was a top like Taylor’s. This was popular in the 70’s. I have a blue and black check sundress in the costume box. I remember making several different ones and buying the fabric by the inch. What a great quick dress! I am going to dig out and see how the old dress looks!

  4. bernadette

    Perfect little summer top – especially on your pretty daughter!
    I love cherries too -just finished picking, pitting, sugaring, and freezing what I could reach of this year’s crop of cherries from a yard tree. It is just enough to make one large pie,LOL.
    Cherries on fabric always cheer me up too, and, for us adults, I think they work well for aprons, cloth napkins, bag linings, pj;s, or even a ‘house dress’ (something cottony and comfy that you don’t plan to wear except in your own home and yard. Retro chic. And actually cooler than shorts or pants. But then, I love skirts and dresses.)

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