Paisley Halter

Since Taylor’s been out of school for the summer, we’ve been spending more time at the mall. Consequently, I’ve been browsing a whole lot more than usual – one top that really caught my eye was a layered, teal, paisley tank at Express. Unfortunately, there was nothing in my size, otherwise I would have snatched one up. It was just a few days later that I saw Ann had posted a very similar fabric and I jumped on it immediately!
While I know my top won’t be a knock-off of Express’, it’s definitely inspired by it! When I dug through purged my pattern stash, I finally discovered my (what I thought was) long lost Simplicity 9107 which is very similar in design. However, I’ve decided to make a few changes to the pattern. The instructions call for cutting out the front pattern piece twice (I’m guessing so that it will act as a lining) – instead, I’m saving some of my precious jersey and inserting a shelf bra instead. Not only will this reduce the bulk when hemming, but I don’t have to worry about wearing a bra with this top – actually, I’m not exactly sure how you would anyway!

2 thoughts on “Paisley Halter

  1. bernadette

    That is still a great pattern, and the paisley you chose is so fresh and pretty!
    But I prefer more than a than a shelf bra these days. I have some RTW evening and sun dresses that have supportive bras essentially built-in, and wonder if anyone has explored that concept in sewing summer tops/dresses?

  2. karen

    I think the shelf bra is a great idea. I was *just* thinking of making this, and couldn’t figure out what kind of bra to wear, so I’m glad you said that! What fabric would you use to do that? I assume you would sew in some elastic around the bottom of bra, correct?

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