From Monokini To Mom-Tankini

While I am figuring out how I want to morph the monokini pattern, I decided I would put the rest of Kwik Sew 3608 to good use and sew up the alternate version. I searched the stash yet again and came up with a teal-ish polka dot print. To off-set the pattern I decided to sew up the bikini bottoms in a solid black. Here’s the final result:

Overall, the fit is good, but it seemsfeels as if this top wants to slide down more than my monokini muslin – it may have something to do with this fabric being slightly ‘slicker’ than the previous version, but I suppose it could be the way I inserted the elastic as well. The best part? It was pretty quick to sew up! Now if the weather would just cooperate, I might be able to wear it out to the pool this week!

9 thoughts on “From Monokini To Mom-Tankini

  1. Gwensews

    Nice suit! When I was a young woman and wore swimsuits, I learned from experience to test them out in the water BEFORE wearing them in a group situation!

  2. Karen

    It really turned out great! Are you thinking about puting in some straps? If you were going to, how would you attach them do you think?

  3. melinda

    This is very cute – I’m a sucker for polka dots. If I hadn’t seen the pics of you pregnant I wouldn’t believe that you’d had 2 kids – look at that flat stomach!!

  4. bernadette

    Very nice suit and you look great in it! What baby? (Oh, hi there, Easton!)
    If you decide to add a ‘security strap’ for actual water play, you could try one that attaches (buttons inside) to the top center in front and crosses one shoulder before attaching somewhere in the back. One-shouldered looks are very trendy.
    Or, attach 2 straps at same center and tie around neck. Gives a flattering V-shape.
    Black for straps?
    But strapless looks super -hope it works in the water, too.

  5. Ariane

    I liked your swimsuit and am interested in seeing what the monokini will look like. My goal for this summer is to make my own swimsuit. Hopefully it will look just as good.

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