Monokini Test Fit

I spent some time with Kwik Sew 3608. I managed to cut the fabric, insert the shelf bra, and the elastic at the bust. Although there is no elastic around the legs or the side cutouts, I went ahead and slipped it on for a test fit.
If you promise you won’t laugh, here’s what I have so far……

Let me start off by saying that the fit is really good. I’m not seeing that I need to adjust the length or crotch depth and the bustline is right on – I don’t feel like it’s going to slip down. Now for some cons:
I never intended for this suit to be wearable – the material is part of a remnant bag that I had purchased eons ago. It was my least favorite material with the right amount of yardage. However, the print is so distracting and somehow I managed to put a ‘swirl’ right at my midsection – which draws attention to that area and gives the appearance I have a really pouchy stomach. Solids are a must with this design.
I’m really not hot on the bustline of this particular suit. While I think it works for the takini style, I’m not a fan of it with the cutaway sides. If I continue with the monokini style, it really does need to be morphed with another top – I’m still going with Kwik Sew 3695.
One thing that I did add to this design – one that you can’t see is a bit of plush back elastic to the shelf bra. Not only is this more comfortable, I don’t feel like it’s riding up either. I think I’ll continue this with the next one I make.

10 thoughts on “Monokini Test Fit

  1. Shanna

    I think it looks really good. I do think a solid color is probably best. But I think the fit is really nice!

  2. MarySews

    I think you’re being too hard on yourself about your body-image. The light swirl in a different area or a ditsy print would have worked better, I think.

  3. Kirsten D

    Looks great! I would also consider an all over print. They say a prints camouflage imperfections.

  4. Jo

    Honey, if I look that good a year after having this kid I’ll be delighted – but I see where you’re at with the print. A solid would be my preference. Agree about the neckline too – it needs something more elongating. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

  5. MichelleB

    I bow to your bravery at showing us in your bathing suit, and at your sewing skills! You look fabulous! I love the suit. I can hardly wait to see your final version.

  6. MelissaB

    I think it’s looking really great Stacy! ITA, I think a solid is best for this style. So glad it’s coming together so well for you. 🙂

  7. Carrie

    WOW! I can’t believe you are sewing a bathing suit! I think for a test run it looks great.
    I am super impressed, I’m the kind of girl who makes a call to Land’s End for her suit! HAHAHA

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