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Paisley Halter

Since Taylor’s been out of school for the summer, we’ve been spending more time at the mall. Consequently, I’ve been browsing a whole lot more than usual – one top that really caught my eye was a layered, teal, paisley tank at Express. Unfortunately, there was nothing in my size, otherwise I would have snatched one up. It was just a few days later that I saw Ann had posted a very similar fabric and I jumped on it immediately!
While I know my top won’t be a knock-off of Express’, it’s definitely inspired by it! When I dug through purged my pattern stash, I finally discovered my (what I thought was) long lost Simplicity 9107 which is very similar in design. However, I’ve decided to make a few changes to the pattern. The instructions call for cutting out the front pattern piece twice (I’m guessing so that it will act as a lining) – instead, I’m saving some of my precious jersey and inserting a shelf bra instead. Not only will this reduce the bulk when hemming, but I don’t have to worry about wearing a bra with this top – actually, I’m not exactly sure how you would anyway!

A Shirt To Celebrate Dad

If you haven’t already noticed, Bret doesn’t care for me sew for him. He can never find a pattern he likes and let’s not even talk about him selecting fabrics. So for this Father’s Day, I decided that Easton should wear a shirt that Bret could appreciate – an “I catch bigger fish than Dad” tee.
This shirt started out as Taylor’s several years ago, but since it is way too big for Easton at the moment, I re-sized it:

Not only does it fit, I managed to cut off some of the unsightly stains that had buried themselves into the fabric. Want to make one for a little one in your life? Read on to find out how!

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Linky Thursday

I used to be an avid fan of HGTV and the DIY Network because of all the wonderful craftiness they had on in the mornings. Wondering where it all went? Vickie Howell has a great post filling us in on why it disappeared.
You’ve herd of the Infinity Dress now you can make it’s sister pattern, the Convertible Shirt .
Weekend Designer has come up with another winner – the Nautical Halter! I’m also in love with her XOX Skirt, too!
A quick ‘how to’ on printable fabric.
To kick off their Swimsuit Cover-up Contest, Craft has designer Dianna Eng revamp a t-shirt into a fabulous tunic. I REALLY love this look! A close second would be this halter made from a crew neck shirt.
The 20 minute simple skirt.
A dress made from meat – I bet she makes the neighborhood dogs go crazy when she wears it.
It’s an oldie, but a goody – With Father’s day coming up I thought I had better link to Craftypod’s ‘crafting with neckties’ episode. You can also check out this entry on BurdaStyle.
I love Sharon’s latest creation. Want to make one for yourself too? Here’s how she did it.
The summer issue of Knitty is up – I think I need that crab!
I don’t really garden, but I might take it up if I made one of these cute Quilted Garden Totes.
Customize your camera by making a fun strap.
An adorable way to recycle a shirt…. turn it into a tote.
Make a pair of father and son ties just in time for next weekend!
Wondering what all those feet for your machine do? SewMamaSew has the answer!

It’s Sew Along Time

It’s been awhile since Kris and I have done a sew along. Since both of us have decided that our next projects will be one (or both) of Amy’s latest patterns, we thought it was time to start one up. Join us in sewing either Amy’s Field Bag or Mini Dress, Tunic, and Top, post your photo to the group by July 31, and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a fun sewing prize!
Still need a pattern? Kris has the patterns in stock and is offering 10% off when you use the coupon code “monkey10” at checkout.
Don’t forget to use the discussion boards in the sew along group to post your pattern questions, comments, and progress on your projects. Let’s work together to get these fun, new patterns sewn up!

I Fell Off The Wagon

I know that I had recently said that I wasn’t going to make any new fabric purchases, but I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of Amy Butler‘s latest patterns and doing lots of planning:

The first 3 fabrics are for the Field Bag pattern – all are from Amy’s August Field’s collection of fabrics. They seemed to have a nice summery feel to them which is what I wanted since I plan on using my finished project as a swimming pool tote.
I had intended on using the blue jersey for the keyhole back dress seen in the latest Burda magazine. However, now that I have it in my hands – the material is just too ‘nice’ (for lack of a better word) for this design. I will probably use it with a different pattern and find a simple cotton interlock for the Burda dress.
As for the Mini Dress, Tunic, and Tops pattern, I searched the stash and plan on using a woven stretch that I purchased at Gorgeous Fabrics quite awhile ago….at least that’s the plan for now – maybe I should stay away from fabric stores for awhile!

Pattern Addiction

Hello, my name is Stacy and I am (also) a pattern addict. Over the weekend, I decided to sift through my (predominantly) Big 4 pattern stash in search of one that I could use with my teal paisley fabric when I realized that I have become a hoarder! I seriously have to have hundreds of designs that I will never sew up – many of which are now out of print. I blame the 99 cent sales that I’ve been attending for the past 11 years. Consequently, I sat down with one very full crate and sorted through them – keepers, giveaway, and a ‘maybe’ pile. The photo on the right is what I plan on getting rid of… and I have one more crate to go through!
This brings me to my question – what do I do with your uncut patterns that you no longer have a use for? Give them away, donate them, something else?
Edited to add: photo…. yup it’s Monday.

Easy Sewing

Sometimes, I just feel the need to sew up something that provides instant gratification. I know that I have several projects ahead of me that will take several days (or one day of nothing but sewing, however my ability to do that are few and far between lately) to complete so yesterday was definitely one of those days. Instead of sewing something for myself, I decided it was Easton’s turn. Using the latest issue of Ottobre, I decided on a simple t-shirt and a summer themed knit from The Fabric Fairy (by the way, I happened to see this same print at Hancock Fabrics recently). I no time flat I had the shirt you see on the left – it was so quick and easy to whip up, I’ll definitely be making more!

Insulated Lunch Sack Tutorial Up

Way back in May, you may remember me giving you a sneak peek of an upcoming project for The Sewing Republic – well, yesterday afternoon, it was posted on the site! My latest tutorial for Bernina is for an Insulated Lunch Sack – a project that was inspired after a morning of watching Martha whip up a variety of tasty lunches to bring to work. While it has all the standard features of a paper bag (i.e. the ‘roll down closure’), this lunch sack is larger than you disposable bag – big enough to bring almost any food or container(s) in style. Plus, it’s insulated to keep things cool, even when you don’t have a fridge handy! Best of all, it’s re-usable (not to mention darn cute).
For those that are interested, I purchased the fabric at Joann’s (it’s a sateen), but I think an oilcloth would be fabulous with this project too (not to mention the fact you can just wipe it down when you’re finished)! I hope you all enjoy the tutorial and can’t wait to hear what you think!

I’m A Computer Wiz

It took some doing, but I managed to fix my computer (by myself) yesterday. By the time it was up and running again, it was too late to post Linky Thursday so I’ll move that entry for the weekend… “why not today”, you ask? Because I’m celebrating Taylor’s 12th birthday!

We’ve got a full day planned swimming, a movie, and dinner at Pei Wei (not to mention cake). I might be able to squeeze in some sewing (if I have the energy between all those activities) – I’m working on a quick project before I start something more involved patterns I want to sew up… you’ve got to love instant gratification sewing!

Technical Difficulties

I’m currently experiencing problems with my computer – darn Windows Vista and their updates. I’ve been attempting to reboot my computer for some time now (I’ve been forced to post from another computer) and consequently, I haven’t been able to finish Linky Thursday, yet. When I finally get everything straightened out (my computer guru is out of town so I’m forced to figure this one out for myself!), I’ll have the post up and running. Until then… happy sewing!