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Petit Patterns

Where have I been and how did I not know about these Petit Pattern Books(Bnn Pattern Book Series) sooner? I just got my first one late last week (Simple & Natural) and I think I might be hooked.
For those who are new to these too, the Petit Pattern Books are a series little notebooks complete with a CD and paper sheets with 140 designs that can be used for a variety of purposes – computer wallpapers, notebook covers, printable fabric sheets…. the possibilities are endless. It appears that there are 11 different themed books available – however, if anyone knows of more, please let me know!

What Happened To Sunday?

Where has my Sunday gone? Because if anyone knows I want it back! It’s not even 2 o’clock here and I’ve already had a full day (and we’re still going) – none of which included sewing. I had intended on getting several projects wrapped up (including 2 new shirts for Taylor and my paisley halter), but it looks as if I’ll have to try to tackle those during the week.
I will say that I recently received the Simplicity Rotary Cutting Machine and Bias Tape Maker (thank you again Hoodie!) and am looking forward to having a good chunck of time to play with them! Of course, once I do, I’ll be writing up a full review! In the mean time, stay cool and I hope you get some sewing in!

So Tropical

Just in time for the Hawaiian themed party, Taylor’s tropical wrap is finished! I wound up making a few modifications: shortening the length by 4 1/2 inches and serging a rolled hem around the edges instead of using a narrow hem. Overall, this was an incredibly easy project – made even easier by serging the edges! I think the results look great, too – in fact I may even make one for myself!
Whew, one more project crossed off the list! What’s on your sewing table this weekend?

It’s All About The Glue

Normally I would say making accessories for Taylor’s “Hawaiian Themed” party would be easy, but this time, it was a real pain. Why so bad? It’s all about the glue.
When it comes to crafts, I love my hot glue gun (in fact, I have several: one for small projects, one that melts glue so hot that it big projects are melted together in just seconds (but it’s so hot that it’s easy to get burned), and my favorite glue gun for general crafting). However, there are times that hot glue just doesn’t cut it. While the flower for the barrette was easily attached, the flip-flops are another story. I never even thought that the strap would be too slick for the glue to stick! My second option was super glue. Even thought it said it works on most surfaces (including plastics), it didn’t work any better – it just made my fingers stick together! My last option, e-6000. This stuff is a pretty amazing product. It’s washerdryer safe, adheres to almost every surface, dries clear, can withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees, it won’t crack or break, and, believe it or not, it’s safe to use on photographs. It is, however, caustic smelling and I actually was carded to buy it (you had to be 18), but on the plus side, it worked like a charm and I was able to attach flowers to the flip flops without any problems! Here’s the results of both:

Linky Thursday

Win a one year subscription to Sew News! I’ll have several articles appearing in the magazine this year, so be sure to register to win this one so you’ll be able to check them out.
I need cooler t-shirts to recycle into panties. [link via Craft]
How to make steampunk spats. I’m keeping these in mind because after seeing the images from Alice in Wonderland, I may be making them for some costumes soon.
I love this knot trivet tutorial – it makes me want to go out and buy some jump ropes.
Gorgeous Things’ tutorial on working with mesh.
Our temperatures have been in the 100s this week, which means that this reversible water bottle tutorial is perfect for when we venture outside. [link via Innovative Sewing]
How to transfer your pattern markings.
Grab your glitter, the Crafty Chica has a Beach Tote Challenge!
Hot Patterns has a new video up, this time it’s for Wong-Sing-Jones Shangri-La Jacket (the link is for part 1of 3).
Convert baby pants to preschooler boy shorts.
I’ve seen lots of Craftster requests for the Sha Sha Ribbon Dream Purse… now you can make one for yourself with this tutorial. [link via WhipUp]
Lisa mentioned the new UK magazine, Sew and now I am wondering how I can get my hands on one.
What’s the best way to waterproof? Two On Two Off tested several options and documented the results.
I may need to sew up one of these cute bow bags for one of Taylor’s upcoming birthday parties.
If you’re traveling with kids this summer, then you know car entertainment is a must! Check out this tutorial for Brassy Apple’s I SPY book and you may get a few quiet minutes on your trip.

Add Another Project To The List

With as simple as the halter top is that I’m working on, you would have thought I would be done by now, but it seems like lots of little projects keep creeping in. The latest? Butterick 4526 (which will appear on the sidebar soon) – the wrap coverup. Taylor was invited to a Hawaiian themed party this weekend and is supposed to dress up. We thought this was a cute design (and simple to sew, too) and selected a large floral print from Hancock Fabrics to make it look more tropical.
As for the halter, the shelf bra is inserted as well as the back elastic. However, when I slipped the top on to check it’s fit, I felt the back was way too losose, he back is still loose, so I’m going to have to rip it out and shave off several inches (yes, several!). Now where did I put my seam ripper?

Hello, Kitty!

June must be a popular birthday month because Taylor has been invited to quite a few parties in the past few weeks. One of her friends is a HUGE Hello Kitty fan, so Taylor asked that I make her something HK related. After sorting through patterns, we decided on a bag made with Hello Kitty fabric – that I already had in my stash! For this gift, I used Amy Butler‘s Rural Messenger (now out of print). I’ve made this bag 6 times now and have found that it’s a very easy gift to make that looks impressive. This particular one was made in 3 hours from start to finish.
I debated putting this project on the sidebar and for now, I’ve just decided to leave it off. Since this pattern is no longer available (unless you happen to stumble across one on ebay), I didn’t want to tease anyone that this design was easily accessible. I will say that this particular bag was made with a lot of materials from my stash and roughly cost $12 to make. If you’re looking for a cute messenger to make for a gift, I highly recommend Amy Butler’s High Street Messenger (which is one of my favorite patterns, although a bit more time consuming to make), Nicole Mallalieu’s Laptop bag (which is on my list of back to school sewing projects for Taylor), or Sew What! Bags which not only has messenger bags but many several other designs as well.

Pre-Shirred Tank

I’m a sucker for cherry print fabric (especially when summer hits) and while shopping at Joann’s for interfacing, I saw a sweet shirred cherry print material in the remnant bin that I knew I had to have. It was just enough material to squeeze out a tank for Taylor this summer.
Since all the hard work (the shirring) was done for me, this top was a breeze to make – in under an hour. All I had to do was to sew the back seem together, cut off the excess material (Taylor wanted it to be a short top), hem the bottom edge, and make (and set) a pair of straps. I think she looks pretty happy with the end result!

Speedy Service

Do you want to talk about fast? The order I placed from The Fabric Fairy on the 18th is already here! I’ve never had fabric get here so quickly…. just look what I got:

The gray deer sweatshirt fleece is for Taylor a hoodie this fall. She lives in them and I thought this was a fun print to use – I’ll probably use Jalie 2795 for the pattern.
I thought the apple print was to cute to pass up – Taylor wasn’t thrilled with it, but maybe if I can find the right pattern it won’t look so juvenile? I also couldn’t pass up the motorcycles on pink – I have no idea what I’ll make with it, but isn’t it adorable?
The Volcom print is for Easton (although Taylor thought it was great too) – it’s a fun ‘skater’ print that will probably be turned into (several styles of) shirts. I’ve found it’s hard to find good boy’s fabrics, but I’ve been very pleased The Fabirc Fairy’s selection!
Now, back to sewing – Taylor’s beginning to make me a list of projects and it’s time to get started). By the way, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there – hope you all enjoy your day!