Urban Blaster

I’m still working on those ‘top secret’ projects, but as I am getting closer to finishing up, I’m gearing up to start something new – The Urban Blaster from Switch Craft. I think I have all my supplies: exterior fabric (I picked a fun Tinkerbell print since Taylor is into her recently), ripstop nylon for the interior (the pattern called for a coated nylon), a nylon mesh (for the speaker cover), zipper, portable MP3 speakers, and a whole lot of interfacing!

Speaking of top secret projects… one down! I managed to put the finishing touches on the project I mentioned yesterday and am pleased with the overall result. I’m glad that this sample is behind me, the fabric made it a bit more challenging that what I had anticipated! Now it’s back to work – I have a second tutorial to write and the deadline is fast approaching. Hope everyone has a wonderful, productive rest of the weekend!

4 thoughts on “Urban Blaster

  1. suzanne

    Went to a formal “Gala” at the Missouri Botanical Gardens last night….found a beautiful silk gown at Nieman’s that was on sale (a real steal, too!)….the bust line was a little snug so I deconstructed the entire thing, the bustier, the lining and the pintucked outer side of the bodice and in a little over an hour, voila! a perfect fit.
    Had to tell someone who can appreciate the sewing aspect of things! I’ll post pics on FB if you want to see. Have a great Sunday 🙂

  2. Gwensews

    I would be interested in knowing how you got started with Bernina, and writing/sewing for magazines. Did you just stumble into it, or is journalism a career? Whatever you’re doing, you must be doing right because you keep getting jobs. Good for you! I like to see young people excel and move forward, especially in today’s economy.

  3. Alison

    Stacy, I am so happy you are making the Urban Blaster. If you have any questions or concerns or just want to chat about it please feel free to send me an email at hello [@] iheartswitch [.]com!

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